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    Hi folks
    I have boughten the following HO Scale steam engines and there all dcc ready and all spectrums.I have the digitrax chief ( not sure if this matters) Can some of use fine folks tell me what would be my best bet for the following things I'd like to accomplish as I trust that many of use have come across these steamers with installing decoders...
    I want to put sound in 4 of the steams and I'd like to know which would be the best ones for installing a soundtrax tsunami decoder.
    The others that do not get sound I would like to install a decoder that does not have sound but that will give lites and motor.
    I have 10 steamers here so obviously I'm looking for lites and motor decoder that will not murder my savings acct.
    What type of decoder would be the best over all that will just plug into the dcc ready sockets will one type work in all of the steams?
    And which steams would be best candidate for the sound decoder and what would be needed along with the snd decoder for the install?
    1 x 82602 USRA 2-6-6-2 C&O H5 DCC READY
    2 x # 83305 & 83306 2-10-2 USRA Light dcc ready
    1 x Bachmann Spectrum Illinois Central #2981 item number 82506 USRA 4-8-2 HEAVY MOUNTAIN steam locomotive with USRA Long Tender dcc ready
    1 x Bachmann's SPECTRUM Baldwin 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler PAINTED BLACK UNLETTERED (52" drivers) item number 82301 dcc ready
    1 x Bachmann Spectrum item number 82504 USRA 4-8-2 HEAVY MOUNTAIN NORFOLK & WESTERN steam locomotive with USRA Long Tender dcc ready
    1 x Bachmann's SPECTRUM Baldwin 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN (63" drivers) item number 82306 dcc ready
    1 x Bachmann Spectrum 2-10-0 RUSSIAN DECAPOD HO Scale Steam Locomotive & Tender
    ERIE number 81704
    1 x Bachmann Spectrum 0-6-0 SADDLE TANK SWITCHER HO Scale Steam Locomotive WEYERHAEUSER 81807
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    Start with the Soundtraxx and Digitrax websites and see what they say are best for the respective engines. The most basic decoder (from Digitrax or other) will do for the "non-sound" installs. Steamers don't tend to have fancy lighting effects or really need anything beyond basic light and motor control.

    For sound, despite the fact that you have a tender with your steamers, don't count on a lot of extra room once you put in a speaker. You should go for an "all-in-one" decoder i.e. sound and control in one). I don't know if that is what tht Tsunamis are, but I think so.

    Personally, I would not (despite what I have done myself... ;)) put a sound decoder in a switcher. It can get tiresome sometimes.

    Good luck! That is an impressive fleet you have there!

  3. wickman

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    I agree Andrew I can't see putting sound in the 0-6-0 SADDLE TANK SWITCHER I think that would probably be nerve racking.:wave:

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