which decal paper to use ?.

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    I would like to try and print my own decals, so today I tried to print but without any great success. I have an Epson C86 ink jet printer, and I have tried on 2 different kinds of decal paper (the only 2 kinds the local hobby shop have).

    First I tried on Microscales clear laser printer film. On the package they suggest to over spay with dull cote and then it should be ok to print with ink jet, but.... it's not exactly what I hoped.

    Then I tried on BareMetals paper, which according to the instructions should be good for both ink jet and laser, but in this case the ink ran and smeared out a little bit, and the ink didn't fully cover (or it looks like it did, but then formed kind of bubbles, kind of hard to explain).

    So now my question is if anyone has any experience printing decal on an ink jet printer, and what paper to use.

    If I get it to work, I'm planning on using the decal on the lumber yard. Has anyone tried to apply a decal to wood, is it possible, or am I wasting my time trying it?

  2. Roger Hensley

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    Decals were put on wood for many years. First paint or coat the wood to seal it and then apply the decal.

    As for your ink jet, as I understand it, you coat the paper with dullcote and then print. You may have to select a different type of paper from your printer selections other than regular paper (coated, photo, etc.) and the kicker is that you may have to run the decal through twice to get a good coverage. Many printers just don't have good enough registration for you to get away with this.

    No, I haven't tried it and don't intend to. I do print my own signs now and glue the sign into position on the signboard or wall. I simply use regular paper and coat it before applying it.

    When I need actual decals, I have someone who will make them up for me (at a cost, of course).
  3. Russ Bellinis

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    How water proof are inkjet inks? You might have to put a second coat of dullcoat over the top of the decal after you print it to seal it so the ink won't run when you wet the decal to get the film off.
  4. jon-monon

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    You'll have to experiment, but the Epson ink is pretty good and you might not need a fixitive. I've*heard* a proper fixitive works better than dullcoat. Havn't tried yet or I could report on the ink. Walmart has a cheap Testors kit for about $6 with fixitive and 2 small sheets, one clear, one white.

    No problem on the dupe post, Jesper, I nuked it for ya! If it happens again, you can just leave it or PM the moderator if you like.
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    Oh, if you want an oldy looking sign for the lumber yard, dash10 got good results printing to T-shirt transfer paper for ink jets, then ironing the sign onto the wood with a soldering iron. It looked great to me.
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    :wave: Yes I have made decals on an injet printer an HP 882C. I never heard of decal paper you had to dullcote before printing. Micro Mart sell decent decal paper with a fixative. I have used dullcote on photo paper after printing and it will NOT stick to it, it will rub off beleive me. The fixative used on the decal paper I have used is Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic coating 1303A. The secret is to spray it as soon as it is printed, I let it dry and spray a second coat and let dry overnight. Decal paper is not cheap (yet) so making a waste of it hurts. I know, and make sure you cover the page with all photos, any little extra spot, and use different photos unless you are doing your own loco and car decals. I goofed and made a whole page of a sign and only need one. Any body need a sign for something? Hope this helps in some way. Later :) Jim
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    Jim since I'm starting over after my computer crash I'm looking for anything to get back some of my info and my sign research was one of the things that I lost that really hurt because I spent alot of time and energy spent on it. If anyone would like to share some of theirs I would be very greatful. Thanks Pat PS I still dont have all my computer settings set to be able to receive them over my Email so if anyone can help me with some settings that would be GREAT, Fred I know you own a computer store don't you.
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    Thanks for info guys. I will try and get some of the ink jet paper from Micro Mark and see how it works.

    This is a test I did yesterday, I printed it on MicroScale laser paper after first giving the paper a coat of dull cote, then I let the ink completely dry, gave it 2 coats of Testors Decal Bonder (a small can I bought in Wall Mart long time ago and never used), when dry, transferred it to the wood and the used MicroSol (twice) to set it. After it had dried I gave a another coat of dull cote, and this is the final result.

    See, the 'cracked' paint is the print, that's how it looked when it dried on the decal paper, and is not caused by the transfer. I think the result is useful, but not perfect.

    The small letter size is 10pt.

    I tested it on a piece of scrap, so that's why the wood has different color, it's not because of the decal, actually it's almost impossible to see the decal, except if the light hits in in just the right angle.

    Jon, this PK Lumber has no relation to the well known 'PK Boiler Co' or other 'PK' named industries :)

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