Which DCC system to use with an On30 Climax and BLI 2-8-0

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Traincrazee, May 27, 2005.

  1. Traincrazee

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    Which DCC system would you recommend for an On30 operator running a Broadway Limited C-16 2-8-0 and a Bachmann Climax that has a SoundTraxx DSD-B2TCLC sound and control board installed in it? I have the BLI 2-8-0 and am presently running it in conventional DC mode with a MRC Tech4 200 transformer. Next I would like to buy the Climax and Soundtraxx, but once I add the SoundTraxx board and speaker to the Climax I must run it with DCC. And then the question becomes, which system would work best with both types of engines out on the tracks. Your help with this will be appreciated. Thank you. TC
  2. rksstl

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    Hi TC, any of the systems should work out OK. Here is a link which compares all the systems. The only this that I would ignor in the comparasons is the MSPR as you can find better prices on all of them. Hope this will help you decide. http://www.buydcc.com/productcompare/dcccomparison.htm

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