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    I finally got r' done! After working steadily for 5 days, some in 90+ degree heat, with 75% humidity, I completed recording my roster, just a few minutes ago. Not to brag, but I have the following: 80 freight cars, including some "specialty" types; 19 locos, including 2 steamers; and 24 passenger types, including mail cars. This will be the ultimate unprototypical railroad in modern history. Well,....maybe not. But it is certainly going to be different! sign1
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    Sounds like a lot of work for a high humidity day! But, it certainly brings the thrill of Christmas opening boxes to see whats in them.

    Is your inventory list on paper or on a computer database? I spent way too much time creating a database for my inventory! I suppose Excel would have sufficed! My list was necessary because I've lost so many original boxes and now I'm placing cars in any box that will hold them. At a glance I can't tell you what car is in which box or how many of the same type reside in other boxes!
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    ...and other paranormal entities.
    Yes, I created a database in MS Works. It's not too difficult, as I have created databases, before. At one time, long ago and far way, I created a database for my wife's and my website. Too many items to keep up with, though. I, too, have a lot of stuff in the original boxes, but sometimes what is on the box isn't what's inside. wall1
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    I keep a roster of all of my cars and locos, and for my free-lanced roadnames, the list includes all cars, including those that have been sold or given to others. Since the roster is constantly changing, this prevents duplicate numbers from appearing, either on my own layout or on those of others, who seem to snap up any stuff that I sell.
    I often have freight cars in boxes which are not the originals - most used rolling stock doesn't come with a box, and I find it useful, especially for similar cars such as hoppers lettered for my "home" roads, to put multiple cars in the same box. I can fit 4 two bay hoppers in a long Athearn box, or two flatcars or gondolas in the wide Walthers boxes. This frees-up empty boxes for those used and scratchbuilt cars.
    I keep all of the freight cars that aren't on the layout on shelves beneath my staging yards, in boxes with the ends showing, much as you'd see in a hobby shop:

    With simple hand-lettered labels made from masking tape, and the cars grouped as to type and roadname, it's easy to find the cars for which you're looking.

    Locomotives, passenger cars, and MoW equipment is stored in homemade trays inside fruit and vegetable boxes, making them easy to find and also easy to transport:

    Of course, I'm in the process of getting rid of all my cars and locos that are too modern for a 1930s-era layout, so the roster will need to be updated - some current cars will simply be re-lettered with the same roadname and number, in an older-style paint scheme, while others will be replaced with more suitable cars, painted and lettered to more correctly represent the era.

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    Hey Doc, what kind of passenger cars are those? Rivarossi? Are you parting with those? How many are there?


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    Hi Tom, the two baggage cars are by Con-Cor, and the other 9 are from Rivarossi. Fortunately, at least for me, ;):-D all have been sold to a couple of close friends.
    I have a few diesel locos left, along with a couple of cabooses - all lettered for my free-lance roads, and fifteen freight cars, all lettered for prototype roads. If you (or anyone else) think that you might be interested in any of these, send me a PM, and I'll provide pictures and more info.

    I hope that those pesky Moderators don't move this to the "Buy and Sell" Forum. ;):p:-D:-D


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