Wheres the Valium?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Why me, Mar 29, 2004.

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    Hi guys new to all this my 10 year old askwd for a train set for xmass so ok we got one for him great until we go to the train shop where he sees 3 trains on the board all with points that let them go from 1 track to another and so on this where the night mare begins for the past 8 weeks i have been trying to get the points set so the trains run smooly over also to get the track to meet all 3 tracks are oval with half srait in the middle just to try and make it look nice the track has been up and down more times than a pro knickers the boar has more hole than a golf coruse any help will be most welcome many thanks in advance.mike HO FOR A BIGGER HAMMER
  2. billk

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    I think we'll need to know:
    1) More details on what's happening - is the train going off the tracks, or just stopping, or what?
    2) A better description of the track layout - a rough drawing made with Paint would suffice. It's possible you could have one or more "reversing loops" in the layout, which need special wiring.
  3. jon-monon

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    Hi Why,

    I recommned reading through the NMRA beginners pages, which covers a lot in terms of trackwork and wiring:


    I gather you are having trouble getting the ends of the track to meet to form a complete loop? You might consider using flex track, or following a published trackplan that uses the same brand of track you have. Flextrack can be formed to fit, but is only an option if you are not using track that has the roadbed built in.

    In addition to Bill's questions, just what brand of track do you have? And doe sit have roadbed installed? Or is it bare track and sleepers? What scale?

    There was a duplicate post, so I deleted the extra.
  4. Why me

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    HI guys sorry to be a pest but being a ms suffer pretty picture out of the question but wiil try my best to give you more info iam using hornby 00 track and point witch i have 8 of 4 left 4 right hand witch allows in therory to go from in isde track to middle then out sit track also to come off out side track to middle or to go to inside track ihave tried to put a sall pice of tracik in between the pints to point to alow me to put the points motor and housing in place with a nough space for the trains to pass opn each line but evert time i do this the track never seems to meet unless i cut a pice of track at present i have wasted 20 lengths of travk so you see things just dont go right for me i could understand if i have not tried every thing before asking for help i just dont seem to get the prize as for the trains when they run over the points they sound that bad also they come off but when i straiten the points up they run over wth ease sorry guys much better on the phone then trying to explain hope some this makes sense thank you all for taking time out .mike PS SORRT TRACK SPACE 10X4FT
  5. cidchase

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    Hi Mike,
    If you are using Hornby sectional track then you have 3
    different standard radii available for your 3 ovals.

    The track center-to-center spacing on the straights should
    be 67mm (2.6"). Do the switches (points) not work out
    with this spacing?

    Are the point motors on the table or under the table?

    I don't think that you should be having to cut track to make
    the track switches fit. :) :) :)

    Don't give up, it WILL work out somehow!!:D
  6. Why me

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    :cry: Yes i have all 3 sizes of curves 1/2/3 12 of eaxh and all 8 black switcher and the wiring is not to hard to understand i hope but getting this god forsaking track to talk to each other no chance more luck with the lotto my son and i have 27 assorted engtnes to play but not as yet once guys thanks for your help and advice god bless you .mike
  7. interurban

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    Hi Mike ,, no one is ever a pest on this forum:wave:
    I do hope you can sort this track spacing out seem`s like the switch length`s are smaller than normal track lengths,
    So do you have to match the lengths on the oval for it to fit??

    Is that right Cid??

    Btw my wife suffers from the same problem, hope you are hanging in there Mike:thumb:
  8. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Hi guys,
    Mike wants to mount the switch machines between the tracks,
    and there's evidently not enough room with the std. spacing.
    I'm sure there's a way, we just haven't got there yet. If using the
    sectional curves on the ends of the oval, the switches should
    make up without extra spacing, I believe.:) :)
  9. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    See if you can get Peco point motor bases. They have an extension piece that you can run under a neighbouring track. They might work with the Hornby point motors. You may have to remove a sleeper to do this.
    You could also use a bit of wire-in-tube. A small length of brass or plastic tubing with a length of piano wire inside. Bend the ends to fit the points and motor.
    If you do this, you shouldn't have to make any fitter sections.
    Are you planning independant control of the loops? You will need insulating rail joiners between the loops and maybe extra wiring.
  10. Why me

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    Where the valium?

    :curse: HI guys words cant express my sincere and humble gratitude for all help from the guys who answered my post and even thr guys that took the time out to read my post thank all the WIFE hidden the tool box for the time being as i started this project with 10 fingers now iam down to 9 and one third me and the skill saw seem to have different ways of doing things the saw won so iam sat here licking my wounds at present hell its all good FUN is it not when dose the fun begin that is the qustion SKILL 1 WHY ME 0. HO FOR A BIGGER HAMMMER .Mike
  11. jon-monon

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    LOL Worry not Mate, they grow back in a few months... I still got all 11 of my fingers.
  12. Why me

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    Wheres the valium

    Anyone have a 3 track layout basic i could copy just to keeo my 10 year old happy until my finger heal up and i can bash the living daylights out of the board this hobby must come with a goverment health warning or somthing hey .mike PS TRACK SIZE 10X4 FT
  13. Pitchwife

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    Hi Mike, welcome to The Gauge.
    First off I think we need to get an understanding of the layout you are planning. From your desription it sounds like this is what you have in mind. If it is we can go from there. if it isn't you can let us know what changes to make.

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    wheres the valium

    Ok guys heres the state of play Track 1 has 1rh/1lh set of points track 2 has 4 points 2 lh 2rh track 3 has 1 rh and 1 lh points all the of above points connect together points to points IE TRACK 1 RH GO TRACK 2 LH TRACK 1 LH GO TRACK 2 RH AND SO ON problem i then have is small wheel base train find going over the point a struggle or come off the long wheel base trains seem to kick a bit when passing over the points how if poss do i set all point so that they square to each other and the trains pas s over with no problems.mike HO for a bigger hammer
  15. Pitchwife

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    More like this?

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