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    Seeing the member information in the postings, I marvel over how diverse a group this has become. Keeping in line with the owner's statement that we are a nosey bunch, and seeing how there is a string going for what we look like, I thought it might be fun to see some of the locations we live in. When I see postings from Tailand, I wonder if the poster has vistas of the ocean, or rainforest, or exotic cities? When I see postings from Holland, does the member have vistas of windmills, tulips, and dykes? To lead off, here is a photo taken from my back yard. The house in the center of the field is about half a kilometer away. The farm complex to the right is about 1.5 km away. The foothills in the background (still with a bit of snow on them, not at all unusual for April) are about 15 km away. Those are just babies....they hide the real mountains (Teatons) that are about 100 km from us. And yes, the air is clear enough that we can see things over 100 km away, so long as they are tall enough to be seen over the earth's curvature.
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    I actually live about two miles from the highest point in the state, a whopping 1550 feet or so. The drive to work is all downhill, coming home is all up.

    No snow on the ground at the moment, but we've had snow well into late April in the past.

    There isn't anything really remarkable locally, just endless miles of fields and the occassional small town. There's a joke that you know someone is from ohio if they describe distances by how long it takes to get there instead of how far away it is.

    Anyways, attached is a pic out my back door, last year a couple weeks later than now.
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    Hey Darwin ..... Great idea....

    I'll just thow my two pages in here!!! :D

    First, where I live..... sort of the middle of western Canada... Saskatoon, Saskatchewan...


    Most uninformed people, think that this part of the world looks like this....


    ...... or this ............


    ... which it does, ... if you're in the right place.... an the right season

    ... It can also look like this.....


    .... and we even have a desert, with sand dunes, in the extreme south!


    Pretty safe from, tsunamis, earthquakes and huricanes, we do have 40 below temperatures, in the winter(same in either language), and some serious forest fires in the summer!!



    ........... Bill ....
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    Where we live in Goteborg, Sweden

    Where we live in Goteborg, Sweden

    It turned out to be a grey and rainy day, this Sunday, but never mind, because this is what it looks like a good deal of the year here in Goteborg, Sweden, at least between October and May.

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    This is coming out better than I hoped. Bill, throw in some lava flows, and this Eastern Idahoan would feel right at home. (There used to be a billboard on the outskirts of town that said "Lava's free....make your own soap." It's since been replaced with one saying "Tourists....don't make fun of the natives. This is a carry state.") Don't you just love those winter mornings when the hoarfrost turns our world into fairyland. Leif, I noticed a geographical feature in the background of one of your pics that looks a lot like a what we call a butte....an isolated hill (caused by an upwelling of magma in the earth's crust) in the middle of an otherwise flat plain...something else we have plenty of around here.
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    Interesting thread!


    We moved here about 4 years ago, having rented a similar house for 3 years, and a tiny flat before that. It is a 20 year-old house, estate of maybe 200 or so similar buildings. There is a song about 'Little boxes, little boxes, all made out of ticky-tacky...' Well, we live in one of those! Anyway, the house faces the western approach to Filton, so we get a real good look at some very interesting aircraft sometimes, and should get to see the A380 prototype in August. Right now, I'm in the room over the front door!

    Tim P

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    Howdy Guys,

    Ok, how about extremes, I live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA. Arkansas is called "the natural state", and I must admit there are some very beautiful places here. But, its probably a good thing I dont write for the department of tourism because Pine Bluff's claims to fame arent something we are all proud of. We have been selected 2nd worse place in the US to live on so many occassions I cant count them, by the book of list, the last yr being 2002, wherein we had a higher violent crime rate (per 1000 ppl) than all but one other city in the US. We beat out NYC, L.A., Chicago, Washington and all the othe "major cities in the US". Our next claim to fame, we have something here in out town, that has the potential to kill everyone in the US (when dispersed right). No, not a nuclear reactor, not a nuclear bomb factory, but the pine bluff arsenal, home to 12% (2nd largest) of the US stockpile of chemical and bio weapons.
    Here we store bz, vx, and all sorts of great stuff, some dating back to wwI when captured german chemical weapons (mustard gas) was shipped here for storage.
    But Its home and the arsenal does provide for thousands of familys. Below are pics of the arsenal and my home 8 miles from it.

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    Nothing exotic I'm afraid typically English it is in a little valley on the outskirts of Brighton you can see the cows and horses from the front and it backs onto the downs behind, so with a church in front and a school to the side and a bridle path with a badger (protected species, noisy some nights) set in the wood it's not likely to get buildings overlooking us in the near future. It's built on a one time German pow site they made good roads it took us ages to dig them out.

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    New Mexico claims to be the "Land of Enchantment". It has it's share of mountains, forests, rivers, small streams and deserts. Where I live the elevation is just over 7,000 ft (2134 meters), so we have a pretty mild climate for this region. This does seems to be the winter that just won't quit though. Today is yet another rain/snow day. I'm hoping for a break in this pattern so that the caddis hatch will happen soon. If this keeps up it may not happen at all.

    Anyway here's a pic looking at my neighborhood. It was taken from the end of our driveway just after a snowfall from this past winter. The hills in the foreground are actually quite small. They hide the much larger mountains behind them which now hold a near record snowpack. The small white building is our neighborhood Greek Orthodox church. The architecture of the other buidings is called pueblo revival since it mimics the tribal pueblo dwellings in New Mexico especially Taos pueblo.

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    Just 30 miles north of NYC, an unusually uncrowed area of southern new york state:


    and me having fun at halloween.
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    :D Now THOSE are some Halloween decorations!! :D :D
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    Oops, I went back to front and did the "car thing" first.

    All I can say is there is some **incredible** places. It's like going through a travel brochure and I'd love to live in any of the places shown.

    Love to contribute in these threads,

    How about,

    What pets we have(one of mine is annoying me as I type), favourite food, favourite drink, favourite model we built of all time, what we have on our "to-do" list.

    Peter H
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    I could fill the 'what is on my to-do list' thread all by myself.....

    Tim P

    PS I think I'll do just that....

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