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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by cya, Mar 4, 2005.

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    I think i'm ready, i have a somekind of layout in mind with slight grade, a few switches, a couple tunnels, a bridge or two, and whatever sounds good. I'm buying 1/2 plywood, 1 1/2 foam to raise the floor for a river and lake, i plan on makeing all items. Could anyone give me basic to tech advice, tidbits of info, future plans to ease the beginners blues?
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    What scale are you planning? I reccomend first (if you havent already) looking through the magazines and books at the local hobby shop. many of those contain useful beginner information. Here are a few lessons I have learned:

    1) Cheap equiptment and track is no fun to run. Equiptment can easily be upgraded, track can not. Spend extra time laying quality track from the beginnning. Flextrack, when laid correctly, has fewer derailments than sectional track.

    2) Keep curves as broad as possible. if you are making a 4x8 layout in HO, you can't use anything broader than 22" to make an oval - but definitely don't go below 18". My reccomendation is to try and use a 20 or 22" radius for the mainlines.

    3) Keep the track plan simple. there is no need to get extravigant on a first layout. A simple oval with a few sidings can be a great layout.

    4) try and keep any grades below 3%, but definitely below 4% if you plan on pulling many cars.

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    thanks one and all, every little bit helps... i'm planning the table size at 3'x5' with n gauge.
  5. Ralph

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    Welcome aboard cya! Glad you could join us. You've gotten some good start up info here...feel free to ask more questions as you go along. You can also try The Gauge's "search" function up above. Type in a topic and you may find several previous threads addressing it. We're very happy to answer questions directly though..and to hear more about your layout as it develops!
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    Welcome to the Gauge cya!! And to a great hobby. There are a ton of answers to your questions right here. Use the search function as Ralph suggested, and if that doesn't turn up the answer you want, ask away. :) :)


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