where to start in model trains?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by cjfeltner, Dec 10, 2006.

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    im just getting started in ho scale model trains, but i was wondering is there a good brand of model trains to start with. i have a bachmann but i want more metal or i guess diecast than plastic parts, like the wheels and such.something that will last and not be wasting my money. thank you for your help
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    HI and Welcome to the forum and the hobby

    If you are just starting I would suggest that before you start buying heaps of locos and rolling stock you frist need to decide what road you are going to follow, like UP, SantaFA, PRR or what every. Now you them need to decide if you are going to power the locos with DC or DCC, DCC is Digital command control, which means that each loco has a small decoder in it with a set address say the loco number, Use the command center you dail up that loco and play trains..

    OK, I'm jumping way ahead.. You would be best to find in your local area a Model Railway club or clubs. Then go and visit and see what it's all about, talk to the members as you will find that most if not all will be very happy to answer all your questions and if you are luck run a few trains.

    For your new trains you could go with Atlas, BLI, KAto, Bachmann Box box Atheran and Proto, you can buy most locos with DCC ready adn with sound. Rolling stock could be Athearn, Accurail, Proto, Brachline and tichy. rolling stock can be in Kits or RTR but tay to buy with steel wheels and convert to KD's as then will be better for oprations.

    When it come to building a layout buy books, re-search the net and PLAN PLAN PLAN your layout before you start lating track which can be set track or you may like to hand lay yours, You also need to think about the rail size, Code 100, 83 or even code 70. most of the stuff I have said will run on all these codes of rail but you may like to try code 83 which wil look better.


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