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  1. Lionheart

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    As you all may or may not know, I'm brand spanking new to card modeling. I'm currently working on the Halinski P-51 D. I'm gluing the decks/bulkheads to cardstock in preparation to be cut down to proper size. Now, when it comes to cutting out things, how close do we cut to the lines? Or, should we try to cut down the middle of the line, or just inside, or just outside? I know this is simple basic stuff, but I'm just not sure at this point. :oops:
  2. Gil

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    This question comes up every so often...,

    One maxim is to not to cut "inside" the line. Some companies print thin lines others thick. The color is of some interest as medium gray lines are less noticeable in the finished model and edge color better than black. Many aim for the middle of the line (if your eyes are that good). One suggestion is to use a magnifying hood with a 3 or 4X magnifying lens set. They help a lot. If CAD was used to design the model the lines are not always representative of the middle "zero" value being dependent on settings in the CAD package. Sometimes the model is cut out perfectly the edges fine sanded, edge colored and when assembled it's found that they don't fit..., which leads to the need to always have a copy of the work in progress that can be modified using simple paint tools. You can also change the line color with these tools.

    So in the end it's always safer to cut oversize as the edges can be fine sanded to fit and edge colored before final assembly. Scanning a copy for backup is highly recommended and most likely will save the build from derelect abandonment. Magnifying hoods, clip ons or viewers are highly recommended.

    One other recommendation is always study the model several days before starting the build. Formulate the build progression of parts in your mind before proceeding. This will make things a lot easier in the long run. One other point is to see if someone else has built it and find out if they left a build report. Build reports can be priceless as they can save making the same mistakes or where the model is defficient.

    Hope this helps..., Gil
  3. Lionheart

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    Thanks Gil. I imagine I'll cut "fat" and trim down.
  4. Maurice

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    Can you provide an example where that is the case? I've never met the problem.

  5. lgl007

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    Hey Lionhear,

    With all Halinski models just cut right along the line - meaning right in the middle of the line. Andrzej's new models, like the P-51, are so well designed that they fit together like a swiss watch if you cut right down the centre of the lines. When I built mine, I did just that and have no problems what so ever.

  6. Jimi

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    What i know with AUTOCAD is that it always snaps at the center of the line. and when printed, the center is always the center. I havent encountered the problem too. But yup. it's always advisable to print using thin lines (0.00 mm).

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