Where do you get your Logging Stuff?

Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by jon-monon, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. NIevo

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  2. willy4

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    Looks like Mr Brannan is going for surgery. His site does show all of his fine
    models, cars, engines, n and narrow gague. Go to Google and type in
    Cashe Creek Scale models and you may find some pictures.
    I guess we will have to wait till he back on the net.
  3. NIevo

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    Yeah, I saw that he's not going to be doing it for abit. I didn't see any place on the page that showed specific models that he does though.
  4. jandr

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    Cache Creek Models (E. J. Brannan) is back up and making models. I just received an order in the mail and they look great and just as good as some purchased a few years ago at a show. You can see pix of his stuff here.
  5. Mountain Man

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    Do you have a link to their site?
  6. willy4

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    Try republiclocomotiveworks.com ,if not go to google and search for it.

  7. Jim Krause

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    For logs, dead trees and brush, I use mother natures hobby supply. The logs come from the lake shore, they collect on the beach and are pre weathered. Very reasonable price. Sage brush area's here in MT and Eastern WA state provide great stuff for tree trunks and dead tree's. Just watch out for the rattlesnakes

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