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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Conrail, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. zedob

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    I've only ordered once from interenettrains, but it took awhile for me to recieve my package and I do believe I paid for priority. I figured it was a fluke and didn't worry much about it, until now. Humm, seems to be a regular problem over there.

    I've made some decent purchases off of ebay, but ya have to do the research and keep your eyes open. Most of the time when looking for an auction for something in particular, so is everyone else.

    I must say that one of my pet peeves are sites that don't have pictures of the inventory. I just can't buy something sight unseen.
  2. Conrail

    Conrail Member

    I agree. Thats the only thing that bothers me about the Walthers web site. They have pics but you have to click on the item to see the pic. Doesent do much if you just wanna view the selections. Guess thats why they have the catalog. I have done some great business on eBay lately. Saved me a TON of money. I see alot of good deals on there.
  3. kchronister

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    Hey Conrail - just ran across one you may want to check out - http://store.superclearancedeals.com/modelrailroad.html.

    Darn good prices on Spectrum locos. Assortment is limited, but I emailed back and forth with the guy running it, and he says they're really just starting - not even promoting the site yet and they're sort of 'pre-grand-opening". But I picked up the 2-6-6-2 I've been waiting to get, and it was delivered quickly and was brand new in the box...
  4. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Hey, this is cool...

    I emailed this guy and mentioned I posted a thumbs-up here. He sent back a coupon code anyone here can use for $10 off any order. Just enter "THEGAUGE" when you check out...

    Gotta love those new, hungry stores...
  5. Conrail

    Conrail Member

    This is the e-mail address for the guy I do business with on ebay. crc2@ponyexpress.net

    His name is Rick. He can get you anything Walthers sells with discounts ranging from 10-25% off. He is prompt and his service is great (e-mail notifications / replys, tracking numbers etc). So if your going to order from Walthers...might wanna contact him and save a few bucks. I think he saved me about $200-300.00 so far on my orders. Just a heads up, and I have done alot of business with him and he is 100% reliable IMO. :thumb:
  6. 1shado1

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    $249 (according to the website) doesn't seem like a "darn good price" for a Spectrum 2-6-6-2. I just got mine less than a week ago, for $135, plus $13 shipping. Mine was brand-new, and sealed in the box too. If you paid $249, you got gouged, IMO. Sweet running loco, though.:D

  7. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Wow, Jeff. $135 is an almost-unbelievably good price on that. The absolute cheapest I've found (though I've not yet bought one anywhere) is $195 at Trainworld. Other than that, I'm seeing at least 90% of the places I looked asking $300-$350 against the MSRP of $399... So $249 really is a pretty good price.

    Regardless, I'd love to know who is selling them for $135, since I still haven't acquired on as of yet, and would still like to (or tell Mrs. where to go get it for Xmas)... Do tell! Please!

  8. 1shado1

    1shado1 New Member

    Thought you already had one(?):
    "But I picked up the 2-6-6-2 I've been waiting to get, and it was delivered quickly and was brand new in the box..."
    The guy makes a point of saying in his listings that the locos come with a factory warranty (in REALLY BIG LETTERS). I'm guessing if there is a problem when you open the box, you have to return it to Bachmann for a replacement, instead of sending it back to him. As I said, the boxes are brand new, and still shrink wrapped from the factory. Check his other items for the other roadnames. Here's a link:

  9. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Thanks Jeff, I didn't realize you were talking about Ebay.

    Actually, 'thefavoritespot' is in my favorite sellers list and I've never had a problem with anything I ordered. He used to run mostly auctions and not many buy-it-nows, so it's good news that he's going buy-it-now and doing it at pretty compelling prices too! Maybe he's gearing up for Christmas. I'd mostly sworn off Ebay when I found prices there comparable-to or higher-than the regular mailorder places. Maybe it's time to reinvestigate...

    But back to the subject at hand: I didn't so much mean to tout one particular site as show a balance against the discussion that had become very Walthers-centric. I'll revise my prior statement to this: When considering the merits of buying from Walthers at full or near-full retail price, I say it's easy to find much better deals with good service, for example site _____ that sells Spectrum locos for about 40% off retail and is responsive when contacted.

    So I'm not trying to say this particular site is the best there is, nor that $249 is the best possible price for a spectrum 2-6-6-2, (but it's a darn site better price than Walthers if that's what you're thinking about.) Also I am an admitted sucker for an e-tailer that quickly and personally responds to emails, which I add as a thumbs-up for the site I mentioned. It's also the reason I'm a loyalist at Tony's Train Exchange. You send an email, chances are you're getting a response _from Tony_ within a day. Or just call and talk to the man himself on the phone. I buy from trainworld regularly, but try emailing or calling them and see how fast of an answer you get... So a great price is a great price, but I'll pay a little (a _little_) extra for in-person service any day of the week.

    Sorry to ramble, but the thread _was_ about where to buy and I'd rather speak on that generically as "the sort of place to buy" rather than bog down in debating site X or Y.

    Side-note: The 2-6-6-2 I bought was a Mantua logger that's not listed any more, not the Spectrum. In fact, I ended up posting a review of that loco here - was happier than I expected to be with it. I must admit that on rereading my post I was certainly unclear and it sounds like I meant the Spectrum... sorry.
  10. 1shado1

    1shado1 New Member

    I agree. I'm willing to pay a few bucks more for an item from someone that communicates well, and promptly. Good customer service makes a huge difference.:thumb: But I couldn't resist taking a chance on thefavoritespot with such a good price on the Spectrum 2-6-6-2. Never even talked to the guy. Used "buy it now" on Ebay, paid with Paypal, and received the loco a week later. Never even had an email conversation with the guy (I figured he was probably busy enough).

    As for the Mantua logger you spoke of, is it a 2-6-6-2T (tank type)? I remember hearing good things about those from a few years ago. Never checked them out, as I was in n-scale at the time.


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