Where can I found War of the World's Tripod?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by seawolf, Jul 27, 2005.

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    As soon as Steven and Tom say so. :(
    A direct adaption of the book was completed by English film crew about October 2004. It was filmed in the same locations that H.G. Wells used when writing the book. (He apparently rode his bike between the towns fairly frequently.) They successfully pretended it was a historical film to hide its true title.
    Unfortunately as Tom now owns the film rights to the story we won't see the English version until all the hype has calmed down with his own.
    I believe it is for that reason that Jeff Waynes CGI animated version has not left the drawing board, even though it has all green lights and funding.
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    ShaunGamer, that sounds like one live action direct adaptation that would be worth going to see. The book is in the public domain so anyone should have access to it, but the way lawyers and such work now days who knows. We might all have to send Tom a check anytime we read the book now.

    Here is a place you can download a text file of The War of the Worlds.
    Project Gutenberg

    You should browse the catalog. There are a bunch of good books available. :)


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    The British WOTW film is available at your local Wal-Mart for $8-9 for the DVD. I have it.
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    I've once read that there was a time when WoW being brodcasted in a radio show and inflict panic around England?

    some people think that Martian actually invade the earth?

    I dunno is it true or not but that what I've read LOL.

    SCEtoAux -> tks for the link :)
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    seawolf, you are welcome for the link. The Project Gutenberg website has a lot of good stuff. :)

    The panic you are thinking about was caused by the 1938 radio broadcast that Orson Welles did with his Mercury Players that I mentioned above. It happened in the USA in the state of New Jersey mostly. New York City was attacked too. What is kind of funny and tragic about it is that some people listening to the broadcast were in the areas that the show said had been destroyed. Why they did not realize what was happening shows the power of information over people. They were told by a voice over the radio that their area was being attacked and destroyed by Martians so they believed it.

    Many people missed the beginning of the show where it was mentioned that it was a radio adaptation of H. G. Welles' The War of the Worlds. The story goes that many people were listening to another radio station that had a popular program on, but when a not so popular performer started his segment the people started searching for something else to listen to. Unfortunately the tuned in to the broadcast of The War of the Worlds after it had started and because of the way it was presented thought that it was an actual news broadcast. They rapidly spread the panic by calling friends and relatives to tell them the the Earth was under attack by Martians. They severly impacted telephone service throughout the USA. :shock:
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    I stand corrected.
    Its funny because the Website still says "In Theatres March 2005". It would have been March when I last heard that Tom wasn't allowing it to play.
    They obviously were allowed to release direct to video.
    Looking around the web, it looks like a movie to avoid???
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    That's quite true - it was a radio broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938 on
    CBS Radio. The broadcast reported that a Martian craft had landed in
    New Jersey (not the UK). The broadcast text used H G Wells WoW text as if it
    was a series of news reports. This caused a panic around the supposed landing site.

    It's pretty well documented on the Net.

    I wonder what H G Wells reaction was - he was still alive at the time.


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    i thought he read the story

    but i could be mistaken

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    The summary version of what happened is at:



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    H.G Wells probably feels prouds of his works? or at the same time - terrified by the 'real' martian attack? :) LOL.
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    I got a copy. it is quite horrible. I'm only half done with watching it and the best parts are when the narrator actcually is reading passages from the book. The dialog is quite ridiculous otherwise. It is a very amatauer film.

    It could of been real good though, thats the shame. the director got the look and concepts fine, just his execution is horrible. I think so far there must be 15 minutes of people walking along roads.
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    I,m new here and going back through all the threads so thought I would start out at this one.A good 3d model is being designed here of the Speilberg Tripod. http://scifi3d.theforce.net/wip_details.asp?cat=wip&key=130&intGenreID=11&intCatID=28
    This is one model I am hanging out to build.I,m usually a plastics modeller,mainly WW2 stuff but Scifi stuff is expensive and hard to get in plastic or resin.It,s a great excuse to decorate the book case with all the ships of my favourite films now...:grin:

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