Where can I find info on engine eras?

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    1GUNRUNNER New Member

    I am looking for a guide on engines of different eras. I am mainly looking late 19th century steam logging.
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    There's lots available via google, and possibly in wikipedia, but generally late 19th century steam logging would use the then new technology of geared locos like Shays, Heislers, and Climaxes. That's if the logging was a railway based operation.

    Lots of logging was supported by rod engines that would transport the logs to the mill, instead of having them floated down river.

    Are you thinking Ontario, western-style, or perhaps New England? If you narrow it down a bit, perhaps we can provide more info for you.

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  3. Torpedo

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    Lots of logging in the southern US, too. Everything from tank engines to geared locos was in use.
  4. ed acosta

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    Steam Logging

    I have a getaway home on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and know for a fact that they were still using Shays into the mid-1960s. That should give you a broad enough brush to model at least four decades!

    There are plenty of steam locos at the local parks on Vancouver Island and also an excellent 'Discovery' forestry museum in Duncan, BC that operates a narrow gauge 0-4-0 on special occasions. They also have Shays and Climaxes on exhibit.

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    1GUNRUNNER New Member

    Thanks for the welcome! I am in Western Washington and with the research I did last night I am probably in the market for a Climax. As I posted in my other thread I will try and get some pictures of my layout and questions this weekend.
  6. Mountain Man

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    The other approach would be to decide on location and era, and then look up pictures of the actual operations of the time. There are a lot of sites on the net dedicated to old time logging operations, and this will show you exactly what they were using at any given time.
  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    The Canadian Museum of Science & Tech has a Shay that was built late 1800's (I think) that ran into the 1950's I believe. It was converted to run on bunker C oil in about 1920. Still runs great! You can take a ride next time you visit...! ;)


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