Where can I find CV values

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Nick8564, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Nick8564

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    Im trying to find out if all CV values are the same. I thoguht they were if they fit under the NMRA standards. If so is there a place to find thm all. Im trying to consist a Digitrax and a MRC decoder together. The digitrax will take off and spin wheels until the MRC locomotive cathes up. Any help??
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  4. Nick8564

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    Both decoders support advance consisting, and I set CV22 and 21 to 255. What do you set CV19 to. When I put the two locomotives into a consist they don't use the same functions.
  5. Harold Cole

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    Is the MRC a sound decoder¿
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    Yeah its the syncronized diesel ho decoder. Its the one that came out right before the Brilliance series. It says it has advance consisting, but no luck. I set CV19 to 10 and CV21 and 22 to 255. The digitrax locomotive reacts to the address set in CV19, but the MRC sound decoder locomotive just sits there.
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    it's most likely because they are two different manufacturers of decoders. Certain CVs are the same across the board but there are certain CVs that are different depending upon the manufacturer. I would get the MRC and the Digitrax manuals and put them side by side to see which CVs match up and which ones dont.

    Also you might need to do a speed table for one decoder or the other to get them to match up

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