where are all the new card models?

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  1. it seems like months and months since any new interesting tank or airplane card models have come out.......especially tank or any type of armour. I follow new releases at papermodelstore.com and havent seen anything interesting for the longest time. Am i missing out or has there just been nothing much new released? If not, why not?
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    I don't think you're looking in the right places. If you check out the Polish publishers sites there have been a number of interesting releases. Taking armour only....

    WAK - Wydawnictwo WAK - Wrocławskie Atrakcje Kartonowe - T-28 - looks interesting - only other model of this was from Modelcard.

    Modelik - MODELIK - Wydawnictwo Modelarskie ::: Publisher of Paper Models ::: Modellbau Verlag - www.modelik.pl
    Staghound armoured car
    FAI and FAI-M - 1930s Russian amroured car
    Type 5 Chi Ri - Japanese "Panther"
    T-35 and T-35A - 1930s multi turret tank

    GPM - GPM - modele kartonowe - Whitman Tiger I

    Answer - Answer-wydawnictwo i us³ugi poligraficzne - KV-1 and Tiger 1


  3. so how come none of these have shown up at the papermodelstore?....they usually get all the new stuff.
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    I can see that you have the caught the “got‘a have the latest” form of the paper model disease, don’t worry I have it too and it isn’t very debilitating. It takes about 2 months for the new Polish models to get to the US dealers.

    Jim Nunn

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