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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by nachoman, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. nachoman

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    We've all run into this situation: You are working on a project, and need one little thing, and either the LHS isn't close enough or is closed. Or what about having a hankerin to do some modeling, and there aint a LHS nearby. What do you do? Here are some potentially useful items I have found at more common stores:

    For CA, I have found any superglue will work. No need to use the JET brand. So when it is christmas day, and you are out of CA, a tube of super glue from the gas station will get you going.

    My local ace hardware carries a variety of useful things. They carry small screws down to 2-56. they also carry a rack of brass shapes and tubes, as well as adhesives and a few paints.

    The local craft store (like michaels or joannes) has some stripwood, craft paints, paintbrushes, adhesives, sculptamold, and cardstock.

    The auto parts store sells a bondo type scratch filler in a tube that works well as a plastic putty for filling gaps and scratches in those kitbashed projects.

    Anyone else have a find they would like to contribute?

  2. Gary S.

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    Need small wire for loco lighting or decoders? The cable off an old mouse contains wires that are just right.
  3. bigsteel

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    need fall leaves for your little trees and ground,just grind up 1:1 scale leaves into 1:87 scale leaves :mrgreen:,i think they look just like bragdon enterprises and noch leaves :thumb:.or if you live near a pet shop and need some dead fall branches and plants.go buy some of the artificial vines which look just like deadfall.horse hair from a crafts store also look great as well.--josh
  4. Nomad

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    I tour the local thrift stores (gw and the like ) you never know what you might find. Telephone wire, bags of screws, tools, you name it.

  5. Mountain Man

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    Florists sell stuff that works great for tree trunks and branches, or just pull up the big weeds in your garden and check out the roots.

    Superglue is CA, just like Bayer is aspirin. Some of it just dries faster or works better on specific applications, but I'm never in that much of a hurry. It you have metal connectins that have to stay together but might also have to come apart again, LocTite is pretty handy.

    Check out your wife's sewing basket for neat little gizmos that are often very useful.

    The plastic resealable containers that babyfood now comes in are perfect for storing small parts, and the plastic also works well as window material. It's also cheap enough that you don't need a baby to get it!

    Salvage everything. By this, I mean take it apart and remove whatever looks useful. It's really surprising what lurks inside common, everyday household devices. Nowadays you can even salvage small electrical motors, gears and switches from items such as electrical toothbrushes and children's toys.

    Keep your eyeas open wherever you go. Yard sales often yield useful stuff, for example. Look at everything as though you have never seen it before, and try to think of uses you can put it to. Don't just think "outside the box" - forget about the box entirely!

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