When is a booster required on a DCC layout?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by vanda32547, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. vanda32547

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    I am somewhat confused :confused: about when a booster unit is needed for a DCC layout.

    Is there always one required or does it depend on the size of the layout? I am looking at purchasing the new Prodigy Advance System (when it finally is available) and don't see a booster as part of the systems initial items included. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Ya'll,
  2. Fred_M

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    Boosters are repeates and are for really big layouts or one running lots of trains. There seems to be lots of contraversy over how big and how many with people buying them as a bragging point, "yep,... I have two boosters on my layout". Most normal size home layouts just don't need a booster, the power station that comes with the DCC is plenty big enough. Fred
  3. vanda32547

    vanda32547 Member

    Thanks Fred...always looking to save a buck when possible. Now I can buy another DCC equipped engine :)
  4. AIGI

    AIGI Member

    well a booster is needed if you operate more trains than the main one can handle. Since each train draws about .5 amps (HO scale), and if you have a 2.5 amp station, that means if you operate about 5-6 Locomotives at one time on the layout, yuo won't need a booster, but fi you wanted to operate more, you'd need a bosster for the layout.

    Since most DCC systems (Not sure what the new Prodigy Advance System has) have a 5 amp booster, that means most systems can handle 10-12 locomotives easy. and since most home layouts never really get this large, you'll be fine without a booster.

    Now if you have alot of sound equiped locomotives, you may need a second booster to handle the large draw on startup.

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