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    Gromit, the reason I purchase, build model and play with trains is because I like them. I like to build stuff, I like to switch cars around and watch the trains go into and come out of the tunnels.. I like the look on my son's face when we build a frieght train and then drop individual cars at the turnouts. I like the look on his face when he runs those cheap Bachman units around at scale 150MPH and crashes them into the micromachines. And all this means that my value is fully repaid. I have received full return on my train investment.

    As for someone taking finacial advantage of my wife by giving her less money than the trains are worth, that will never happen.

    1) I was lucky enough to marry the smartest woman in the world.
    2) If my children want to continue modeling, they will not have a grand sell off.
    3) If no-one in the family wants to continue modeling, it will all be donated to a boys and girls club, or an elder care facility or Children's hospital.

    Kind of hard to rip off someone who is giving stuff away. If the kids or old folks or patients enjoy it for any amount of time that is a bonus of spread joy that will surely make my time in Hell a bit less painfull.

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