When did Bachmann upgrade their n-scale 8-40CW?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by JasonRP, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. JasonRP

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    Hi All,

    I just received a 8-40CW I bought off eBay. I am very happy with the deal, because it was *VERY* cheap! (And new in the box!) BUT, I noticed it is different than my other, newly purchased (and current production) Bachmann Spectrum 8-40CW loco. The current one is more/better detail, and has better lighting too- with features like "sun-visors" over the cab side windows, lit number boards, etc. The paint on the current production model looks better too.

    I am wondering, when did Bachmann update their Spectrum locomotives? The improvement is profound!! I haven't run the older one I got off eBay yet to see it's running performance, but the parts list shows it has different internals.

    I did a quick check on www.archive.org, and pointed the browser to the bachmann website. I saw the version of the 8-40CW I got from eBay on their site in 1999, but was unable to check for a few years after since bachmann must have disabled the archive from backing up their site. So, somewhere between now and 1999, these engines were updated/re-designed.

    Anyways, I'm not complaining- like I said, the price was right.. But, I think the new ones are WAY better (but more expensive!)

  2. vilefileman

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    I too landed a spectrum version off of ebay, and very cheap. Iagine my surprise when i saw the identical one or nearly I thought going for 4 times as much the next night? I got mine for 15, so you do the math. was yours a CSX too?

  3. engineshop

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    Unfortunately Bachmann did not change the part number when they upgraded their C40-8 and their is no way to find out what you get. Usually on e-bay it is the old stuff. This is also true for LifeLike stuff like the GP18 and E series.
  4. JasonRP

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    Nope, I got a Conrail one.. I should have known though- the price was WAY too cheap considering list price is around 100 bucks! I think if Bachmann would lower their price on their new style Spectrum locomotives to say 60 bucks, more people would buy them. If they cost the same money (or more) than a Kato, not many people will fall for that. If they are too cheap, people will just assume that their quality is super cheap as well. Comparing my new-style specturm loco to a standard Bachmann, a non-proto life-like, and a Kato, I honestly think the Bachmann is pretty decent. Not top quality like Kato, but way better than standard stuff. A solid upper mid-level loco in my opinion.

    I might be wrong, but I opened up the instructions manual (1 sheet of paper haha) that came with both the older spectrum unit I got off eBay, and also the newer spectrum loco I got in the current production "Trainmaster" set, and it had different part #'s. But, are you refering to the loco unit itself has the same part # as the older? This could be the case, I don't know.


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