Wheelsets for Rivarossi Passenger Cars

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Skunk Valley, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Skunk Valley

    Skunk Valley Member

    Merry Christmas, Crew!

    I'm trying to convert my heavyweight passenger car fleet wheelsets to something compatible with Code 55 rail. The " cutters" on the Rivarossi trucks really chatter over the spikes. Anyway, I had some of the Atlas low profile wheelsets for MicroTrains trucks, but they literally fall out of the Rivarossi trucks. InterMountain 36" wheels don't want to roll. And that exhausts my supply of wheelsets to try.

    So before I order 100 of the wrong thing, does anybody know specifically what I need?

  2. inkaneer

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    36 inch wheels are too big for the brake shoes. The trucks were designed with 33 inch wheels. 36" wheels would be prototypical so either cut off the brake shoes or try 33 inch wheels. Do you have any Atlas or Bachmann cars? Try the wheel sets from them.
  3. Skunk Valley

    Skunk Valley Member

    Ahh. So that's it. Darn wheelsets look like they ought to work, must be a very small contact area.

    Thanks bunches

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