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  1. Can someone tell me how to make round wheels for my trucks and cars, mine always turn out a bit sort of well not round. :)
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    Can you be a bit more specific about size, construction method. There are some good threads in this forum for wheel building.


  3. Charliec, size doesn't matter as I build trucks & cars of varying scales as a builder of Rally cars in Safari trucks in both paper & plastic (kit form in this medium) I just want to be able to have round wheels instead of the out of shape things I have now. Thanks for the tip on the forum for wheel building I'll have a look there.
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    Here are some of the methods I have seen for making wheels.

    Cut out card stock discs with the diameter needed and laminate them together to get the thickness wanted. You then glue on the wheel texture from the model. Circle cutters, hole punches, and steady hands used in the making of the discs.

    Use wood dowels with the diameter wanted and cut to desired thickness. If the correct diameter is not available use one that is slightly larger and sand down to the proper diameter. Attaching the wooden disc to a rotary tool or a lathe helps keep the shaping uniform.

    I have also seen a method for making small wheels using cardstock discs and a rotary tool. You laminate enough discs to get the thickness desired, attach the stack to a rotary tool and sand the outer discs down to attain the proper profile. You can get the tapered cross-section look that some wheels have where the center line of the tire has a slightly larger diameter than the side walls of the tire.(or is that tyre? hmmm:wink: ) You then paint the result black and it looks great.

    I have cut out some thick corrugated cardboard discs and glued the tire treads and sides to them. Seems to have worked out OK. I have no example to show you since that one particular model was given away after completion a few years back.

    Hope some of these help you. :)
  5. Thanks for that info I'll givw it a try and see how it goes. SCEto Aux
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie yeh yeh yeh!!! Me too!!
    Since we live in the same country and shop in the same stores this will be easy for me to explain to you.........
    Gather some Chupa Chup sticks, the nylon rods on which hard boiled sweets are sold. If you go to a local area where school kids hand out you can pick discarded rods (tubes) off the ground for free.
    Buy some PVA glue at Bunnings. Buy it ion a small squeezable bottle. Go to your local chemist or Woolies or Coles and buy a pack of Johnson's Cotton Buds - they come in packs and have a cotton bud on each end.
    Take off the cotton bud and trim the ragged end off both ends with your hobby knife.
    Measure the width of the wheel you want to build with a ruler or tape measure and also the diameter or size of the wheel you are about to make.
    Get a sheet of photocopy paper and draw lines with a ruler and a black biro along the longest side, the width of the above wheel size you are about to construct, then cut out the lengths - do a lot as you are going to construct 4 or 5 wheels right?
    Coat one side of a paper strip with PVA glue - enough wet glue as you would find on the back of a stamp. I usually put a dob on the backside of the strip and run my finger along, distributing the glue evenly along the back of the strip until I've glued the whole length.
    WASH your hands with cold water and make sure you have removed all of the glue - then take your Chupa Chup stick and wrap the glued photocopy paper strip around and around itself until you come to the end of that strip, trhen do another one and so on until you reach the measured diameter of the wheel you are building. Remember to gently pull the paper tight, to remove gaps and bubbles and to gently press the flat side (on the end of the Chupa Chup stick on a flat surface, during the build, to ensure conformity.
    I usually use a compass to draw up a perfect circle the desired diameter of the wheel I'm building, on a scrap piece of card. By offering the wheel as I build it, to the perfect circle, I know when I've reached the correct size.
    REMEMBER to carefully count how many strips of paper you use to build the first wheel. Use the same number of paper strips to build the other wheels.
    Set aside to dry overnight. When dry, use the kit to build on the outside detail and finally use your hobby knife to cut off the wheel, glued to the Chupa Chup tube, which becomes the bearing of your wheel.
    Take a Johnson's Cotton Bud and slip it into the centre of your Chupa Chup tube. You will find it's a nearly perfect fit. Loose enough to spin, but tight enough to not wobble. If you look at the centre of the cotton bud, you will see there is a hole there, big enough to slip a paper clip into, or some straight wire from a hobby shop. If you build a heavy model, this technique will strengthen the axle arrangement to support the model, if it is static.
    Use the kit parts to build up the outside of the wheels.

    Whoooo Aussie Aussie Aussie

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