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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by trainwhiz20, Sep 28, 2004.

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    Hey guys!

    Well, with all of these Florida storms, I finally got hit by Jeanne. She knocked out our power, but luckily for only 6 hours. Many people around still are unfortuante and in the dark. Problem was, on my computer that got destroyed by the surge when the power went out, I had an animation that was my favorite, and I used it everywhere!

    Sadly, I didn't save it, or transfer it to another computer, so I've lost it. I've been searching the net the past hour trying to find it. Hopefully someone here knows which one I'm talking about and already have the webpage.

    The animation was of a steam locomotive wheel's turning. You know, the drivers with the rod moving? Yeah, that part. It was long, but thin, just shy of a 468x60 banner. It was on some railfan's website, and he said, "I found this that fits me perfectly [animation]", or something like that.

    Maybe I've lost my mind. ;) I just wish I had that animation, and would be grateful to anyone here who could find it, or possibly has it!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi trainwhiz, glad you made it through without too much damage.

    Now about your animation - could it be this one? I can only post a still image here at the Gauge, but the original is a GIF-file (about 130 kB). I could send it to you as an e-mail.


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  3. trainwhiz20

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    Thanks for caring about these storms. Aye, aye, aye. A hurricane EVERY weekend...

    Um... that looks similar to it. I have found that one on many webpages though. Please email it to me at trainwhiz20@hotmail.com

    The one specifically I'm talking about has that black background, but the wheels are more 3D and realistic.

    Thanks though! I really appreciate it!

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  5. trainwhiz20

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  6. jmarksbery

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    :wave: Hi train, I think this is the one you want and I e-mailed it to you. Jim

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  7. trainwhiz20

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    Thanks Jim. In fact, no lie, I was pointed to the site: http://members.tripod.com/~csxsafety/locomo1.gif
    just five minutes ago, and was coming here to post that I had found it, and show the image I have so desperately been searching for.

    You read my mind, and you beat me too it.:thumb:

    Thanks all! I'm finally at rest now that I have my very cool animation!


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