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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by rickstef, Sep 30, 2004.

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    You can buy drill blanks, which are hardened steel rods used to make drills etc, but without the cutting flutes ground in. They can be bought in all sorts of sizes. Using a bench grinder ( you won't file this stuff, it is as hard as nails!!) grind one end clean and square, then using a small hammer and a rubber (cutting mat maybe) or heavy leather backing sheet, a sharp strike will cut cleanly through paper, laeving a neat hole AND a neat disk. I'll take some pics on Monday.

    Tim P
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    Gee, all this because Rick had a dull hole punch...,

    Tim you're on. Expecting cinema quality shots. Sounds like a neat and expedient holing method. How thick can the material be before an alternate method has to be used?

    Best regards, Gil
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    Hole punches added to toolbox - thanks to Rob in Liverpool

    Just wished to announce that my tool-chest received a muched longed for addition this afternoon - in the mail was a beautiful set of metric hole punches, courtesy Rob in Liverpool, England!

    Thanks mate! I owe you, as all the rest of you now are witness to.

    I will sharpen them, according to instructions by Maurice and Gil in this thread, and the use of them will be recorded for all to know in all future builds.

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    Cecil, i just ordered that one set too

    together with a file set.

    and a bigger toolbox

    can't wait to get them


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