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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by GFR, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. GFR

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    Well just wanted to pop on and see how everyone is doing, how everyone's summer is going & of course how all the layouts are going..

    beena busy summer and in the beginning, work on the layout had stalled. but Lately it has picked up, and picked up fast, almost done doing the benchowrk for the underneath storage yard and the track.. still have to lay track.. but the route is almost complete,

    now a quick question, has anyone read Model Railroader Planning 2004? I am trying to design that crossing at Nerksa Tower.. just was curious if anyone could guesstimate just how big it would be.. I sort am on a brain fart with it..

    well hope all is cool:thumb:
  2. jetrock

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    I'm going diorama crazy myself...after finishing a diorama for the Railroad Museum, I was struck by mad inspiration--I put on a music festival here in Sacramento, and the location is directly in front of where the interurban line I model had a station!! So, I have come up with the hare-brained idea to build a quickie 6" wide by 36" long diorama of what the area looked like when freight trains and interurbans trundled by...of course, it's not TOO different now, as a modern LRV line runs there, but it's still a nice bit of history. Also, since I plan on including such an area in my modular/sectional layout, I can just plug the diorama into my layout to make it into a working piece of railroad!

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