What's the right way to check engine temp?

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by vettespeed, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. vettespeed

    vettespeed New Member

    I recently purchased a GS Strom Pro that has been fully assembled & just barely broken in. I am new to Nitro RC & have been doing as much reading as possible. It has a RB Concept 1003-S7 engine & it came with an infrared temp gun. When do you check the temperature for tuning purposes. Do I check it at idle, at higher RPM's while running on a stand or something, or do I check it after coming back from ripping around at various RPM's (typical use). I ask this because at idle it seems to run quite a bit cooler than when I check it immediately after ripping around and driving it up to me and checking it while it continues to run. After it idles for a few seconds it seems to continue to quickly cool down. I've seen readings as hot as 240 or so but it quickly cools to under 200 as it idles. I think I need to keep it in the 200-230 range but at what RPM range, is this a max temperature range? Help, any info you can add would be much appreciated, thanks, Mike.

    P.S. On a less important sidenote, anyone know how to quiet down this thing when I want to start it up or run it in the neighborhood, it's got a Omega Efra 069 pipe on it.
  2. dudex

    dudex Member

    As to engine temps, there is no best temp for running. It all depends on the engine, the pipe application, outside temp etc. A ggod general range for a buggy would be 230-250. Also dont check the temp after do one lap around the backyard. Run it hard for about 3-4 minutes and then check temps. It should accelerate quickly off the line without sputtering and get to top rpm without cutting off or bogging. if your engine is within acceptable temps ranges then this should be about the case. Keep it under 280 but above 215.
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