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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by IAIS 604, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. IAIS 604

    IAIS 604 Member

    OK all you HOers - what do you have on order ???

    My big orders right now are for a couple of locomotives.

    I've got the P2K GP38-2 (17% too small fan and all) in, of course Rock Island blue (I HOPE that is a trend by P2K! Maybe a RI blue GP7 or 9 next ??!?)


    an Atlas Master U30C in RI red and yellow.

    They should look great on my layout !!!

    How about you ????

    What goodies do YOU have coming ????????
  2. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Well the C&HV is going to be picking up some CF7s to replace some of the older RS2s..The upper management has authorized 2 new units in the line of EMD's GP38-2s..Also note worthy is the C&HV will be getting 2 ex-Southern SD24s.Outside of that some new ACF boxcars is on order.
  3. Mastiffdog

    Mastiffdog Member

    How about Broadway Limited's 2-8-2

    I have placed my order for the BLI 2-8-2 Loco that will be run on my DCC (Digitrax) layout. If you haven't seen some of their products run, make it a point to check them out!

  4. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    Oddly enough, I have the same two locos as IAIS. P2K GP38-2 in blue (I believe I reserved road number 4310), and a U30C in Rock Island red and yellow. They'll both look extra fine on my layout.

    I've even got snowplows all ready to go for the Geep.

    I also have *five* Kansas state police cars on reserve, a Boley hazmat fire department unit, and a Broadway Imports stock car (Rock Island of course) with sound. Ooohhh, and some Norscot construction equipment - two articulated dumptrucks, and two scrapers. On my final layout near Amarillo, I'm going to have one side of an interstate highway under major construction, the more construction equipment the better.

    (( PS - I keep hoping for some blue GP7's as well; the other project I keep hoping to luck into is another pair of GP7's that the Rock bought from Rio Grande; there was an article about them in the Dec2002 RMJ ))
  5. IAIS 604

    IAIS 604 Member

    Hi Mike -

    I'm putting a Details West snowplow (PL155) on my Atlas RI GP40 and on my Athearn RI GP38-2 (thought I would get one of the P2Ks and superdetail the Athearn, as it is the same name/road number as the second P2K model).

    Is that the snowplow you are using ????

    The GP40 is also getting a fire cracker antenna, a side mount bell, and a Nathan P5 horn. Of course, the Athearn GP38-2 is getting a lot more things!

    There is a short article about detailing the RI GP40 in the RITS Newsletter, vol 29, no 1, first quarter 2002. And an article about superdetailing the Athearn RI GP38-2 in the Railmodel Journal of March 1999.

    Those are my "guides" on what to add.
  6. rockislandmike

    rockislandmike Active Member

    I believe so. Sounds about what I did too. The only other things that I added that I can think of are MU hoses (two on each side, short hood end only), and builder decals on the sides. Oh, and sunshades of course. I painted everything the appropriate color as well. I used the same article from RMJ that you're talking about, and then earlier this year "Diesel Era" had an article on the ROck Island GP38-2's, with pictures of at least a third of 'em.

    I'm only adding the snowplow to two of the units, though - 4309 (one of my Athearns) and 4310 (P2K when it arrives). The rest of mine are in the 4315-4355 range, which did not have snowplows.

    And last night I finally started assembling and weathering my Stewart U25B for the Rock. I'm terribly unhappy with the paint scheme they chose, though, couldn't find hide nor hair of it on Jeff's site, so I'm making some changes to the decals.

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