whats is logging?

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    what is logging?

    - i never come accross this term,

    - i followed a few links, and im still stumped as to what excetly it is?

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    Pretty much it's the process of cutting down trees, dragging them from the forest and shipping to a mill.

    Of course, there is much more to the various steps.

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    Logging has an appeal arising from its temporary and cheap character. Since the forests would play out in a few years, they didn't spend much on track and roadbed. Then they had to get light flexible locomotives to pull their trains. Then there were all sorts of other contraptions they made to move logs around at the logging camps, a lot of them homemade.
  5. dhutch

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    oh right, cool, i guess it would make quite an interesting board.

    - nice website as well reusser

    thanks, daniel
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    Logging is a very interesting phase of railroading. Many Logging lines used geared type locos for steep grades and light rail.

    One of the neatest books I have is "Pino Grande" which features the Michigan-California Lumber company.

    They had a narrow gauge operation on one side of a gorge and standard gauge on the other side, with a cable to move lumber across the gorge...fascinating.

    "Last of the 3-foot Loggers" and "West Side" are two nice books on the popular Westside Lumber company.

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