What's an engine 'deadline'?

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    What is an engine 'deadline? I've read about old engines on 'deadlines', but it seems that some engines in them are scrapped while others will live again, so are they storage tracks or something else? It seems almost every major class 1 RR had a few.
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    It's where engines are stored dead. Some are stored serviceable and some not. Some are rebuilt and some are scrapped.
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    A dead line is x number of yard tracks where locomotives can be stored..The reasons could be for the following:
    1.Stored until needed*.
    2.To be traded in on new locomotives.
    3.Sold to locomotive re-builder.
    4.Sold to another railroad.
    5.Stored until they are rebuilt.
    6.Sold to a scrapper.

    *Some railroads (especially class IIs) sees down turns in business and store surplus locomotives till business picksup.Some slow down in business could be cause by seasonal traffic such as grain,oats,corn,ore,lumber,stone etc.
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    brakie, I think you forgot #7

    7. Stored and used as spare/replacement parts.

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    And of course #8...

    8. Stored temporarily for railfans to get a last glimpse of something they'll never see again. :(
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    Some of the saddest pictures in books are where there are strings of rusty steam locomotives awaiting the torch on the dead line. Many deadlines where emptied during WW2.

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