What would you save if your house was on fire?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by robortwillys, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Wicked6

    Wicked6 New Member

    I would take my laptop.. It's all what I need :D
  2. jinxbh

    jinxbh New Member

    Definitely my TB, all my life and models are in there
  3. jinxbh

    jinxbh New Member

    I think the cat would get out on it´s own, they are more cappable of sensing danger than us, so i think it would be the first one to get out
  4. da-waaaghboss

    da-waaaghboss New Member

    my wife and kids:)
    nah...my cat would attack the fire,at least he attacks candels when they are lit:confused:
  5. heroking

    heroking New Member

    cats got nine lifes anyway, they will survive that fire lol
  6. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    if my family members are safe then i'll go for my hard drive my models and my phone(if there was any time)

    if not i'll risk my life for my family then go to save the other things

    ultra stone
  7. heroking

    heroking New Member

    best get a portable hard drive, easy for emergencies
  8. olberon

    olberon New Member

    i would say me wife and kids after that my photos
  9. mrmaps

    mrmaps Dances with Rockets

    My data's backed up off site, so I'd probably grab my gun. 'cause the little psycho who started the fire is gonna pay....
  10. jnjoker100

    jnjoker100 New Member

    a Pillow my grandmother made me and a change of underwear.
  11. uradodah

    uradodah New Member

    I'm gonna save anything that fits quickly in one trip - my wallet (ID & money), laptop and a few autographed items I own of value. Obviously, my family and pets come first but I assumed the question was asked from the perspective that they were already safe.
  12. poorleno

    poorleno New Member

    Umm so long as my family and dog are safe, then I would probably grab my laptop, wallet, phone.
  13. zerosum

    zerosum New Member

    Better save the missus and dog first. Then laptop and backups :)
  14. jokerfan

    jokerfan New Member

    After my family definitely my computer and my fishtank.
  15. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

    You still using a 15 years old laptop!?
  16. schwarzkatze

    schwarzkatze New Member

    One thing? I'm going to go with my dog. He's the world to me, and while he can get up our spiral staircase just fine, he can't get back down again unless he's carried. Legs are just too short (corgi).

    But if I can assume all my animate objects are safe, and I get to pick something inanimate, I'm probably going to go with the stuff on and around my desk. First being hard-drive, and the second being a notebook with all my personals in it. Everything else is secondary.
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