What would the best RC helicopter be for my hubby who has never had one before...

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Mystyk, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Mystyk

    Mystyk New Member

    ...and is under $50? I am looking to buy him one for Christmas but I want to start out with a basic one in case he loses interest fast! He saw one on tv and thought it was pretty cool. I am looking for one that can fly outside and is radio controlled and under $50....suggestions please!
  2. f100_supersabre

    f100_supersabre New Member

    Anything THAT cheap is a TOY!!

    Suggest you look at the prices of helicopters on a 'hobby' website like https://www.towerhobbies.com then look under helicopters.
  3. Verine

    Verine New Member

    oh that's so sweet.. i wish i can have one as my christmas pressie too sign1 but i dont think a heli can be that cheap if u want it to be able to fly outside..
  4. countyofficer

    countyofficer New Member

    Not sure if you have a "Source" store in your area but they do sell one, flys fairly well on calm days. The Source is the old Radio Shack.
  5. dizaster66

    dizaster66 New Member

    I would suggest a PicooZ Micro Helicopter.

    PicooZ Micro Helicopter - I Want One Of Those

    I was brought one in the summer and its great fun.

    Its meant for indoors but is fine on a still day outside :).

    Its only a 2 channel heli , meaning that you go up/down and turn left/right.

    Forward motion is obtained by attaching small weight to the front of the heli.

    Be warned , they are addictive, and I have a larger 4channel heli on my christmas list already :) but they start around £100 (approx $200).
    some can be found on ebay cheaper .

    Hope this helps
  6. blueangels

    blueangels New Member

    ignore every one else
    true it would be a toy but it is somthing
    go to kb toys and they have outdoor helis!!!

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