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  1. Dawane Smith

    Dawane Smith Guest

    Why not make rally sock monkeys, or make rally towels. Might be more expense than you are willing to shovel out, but they both seem like something your fan base can get into. Regarding the rally towels, you could embroider a logo or something into hand towels to wave around during their post season run. Best wishes to the team.
  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    What has this got to do with this thread? Or are you just advertising your pool accessories?:confused::confused:
  3. UKXK189

    UKXK189 New Member

    I think about what I'm going to build next. Just finished an AT-AT for my brother, now working on a Zentradi Officer's Pod/Marauder. Wonder what I'm going to build next...
  4. trixyblue

    trixyblue New Member

    Most times its good old brain, pencil and ruler and make up a template and some trial and error and make a pile of templates which get filed and stored.

    But i do like having a template already done, and work off that, but most times i get templates that are usually incorrect and dont fit or the wrong scale and end up doing more work than making someting myself.
  5. Pennywhistle

    Pennywhistle New Member

    it'll be awesome to be able to build our own. Then we dont have to wait for those guys to make what we want = v =

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