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Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by papekuraviewer, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. papekuraviewer

    papekuraviewer New Member

    in fact, what we think when we assemble a papercraft. If I still want to learn how to make a pattern myself.
  2. onemomentcaller

    onemomentcaller New Member

    I don;t think about much other than what I'm doing. I'm inexperienced even making papercraft but I would one day like to design patterns as well.
  3. Him Himself

    Him Himself New Member

    I think about when I'll finish cutting it out xW
  4. sakket

    sakket New Member

    lately it's been "oh crap I should have added an extra tab there"
  5. kenobi26

    kenobi26 New Member

    i agree with you, i´ll hope make my own pattern
  6. khidotmama

    khidotmama New Member

    I suppose first you must know how to design a 3D model by specialised softwares on computer. But this's definitely not my field. My brain doesn't work very well with computer. But if there's a chance, I'll learn the skill of 3D designing. :))
  7. akasha2683

    akasha2683 New Member

    im a sculptress so i made a sculpts..i finished now the dracula sculpt:thumb:
  8. JackAce

    JackAce New Member

    if you get a chance to get your hands on some software like Maya there are plenty of good training videos out there by sites like Lynda.com that can show you where to start and how to accomplish what you want.

    here's a link to a maya free trial

    and here's a link to some good 3d training videos

    ps i'm not affiliated in any way with either one of these sites or products. just thought it might help yall wanting to learn :)
  9. jinxbh

    jinxbh New Member

    generally it goes like ok, one down, 53 more pieces to go....
  10. hiyatran

    hiyatran New Member

    it's like you're reading my mind
  11. AbsoluteSciFi

    AbsoluteSciFi New Member

    Mostly its not about the software but how to design the model in the first place... think back, what was it about a paper-model that made you think that it was a good model when you put it together? Was it the way the tabs were placed or the size of the tabs, maybe the type of paper.. or was it the accuracy, everything "fit" together just the way it should- perhaps the printing on the model was good and detailed... so many things go into a good model.

    These are the design considerations for the making of any model, and a paper model is more trail and error, (heavy on the error) till the model is good for producing kits. I remember making one such model three times before getting the damn thing to line up and put out the right shape that I desired... and that one wasn't even made for production!
  12. ultra1

    ultra1 New Member

    what do i think when i assemble a papercraft

    getting it done and tryin not to lose any of the DAMN SMALL PARTS

    ultra stone
  13. stormwraith58

    stormwraith58 New Member

    What i think about while i am building a peper models is why dont some of the top madel designers make some simplified tutorials of how they creat these awesome models.
  14. JEStudios

    JEStudios New Member

    Is it over yet is what I think about... that and how much longer till I finish the entire project yet...sign1
  15. Leeadamaa

    Leeadamaa New Member


    I Print it and build them plain and simple
  16. Karvala

    Karvala New Member

    Me too - I really lack the creative spark to design things
  17. thomaswg

    thomaswg New Member

    I would like to see a turorial on designing paper models that really start at very begiining. I mean how does one get started. All these crazy file formats are so confusing. I need to know in a step by step format how to take a basic jpeg file and turn into a 3 dimensional finished work. I've tried to figure out Pepakura but can't even get to step one. Obviously it cannot be that hard to do but can someone just say..."follow these steps" I feel like i have the key to the car but cannot find where it goes to start the engine.

    Computers are definitely magic but way over complicated by all the abreviated "jargon" If the directions talk about "booting up" rather then just "turning on" then already I am lost.
  18. howdysmithy

    howdysmithy New Member

    dont you have to use software like 3dmax or maya something like that to create models for the patterns?
  19. Wojtee

    Wojtee Member

    ->howdysmithy: Well, you surely can. You can kill a fly with a howitzer, too ;)

    IMO simplest method possible is old fashioned brain - heart - hand - pencil & ruler. Do not think about files and formats. Think about models. Study how models are constructed. I mean real papermodels, not ripped (stolen) 3D game objects run through Pepakura. In most cases, these are no good.
    Then get a 3D view of anything you want to model. It can be a house or a car, whatever. If you get front - side - top view of the object, you can start thinking how should the parts look like. Start by simple boxes, there is always time to complicate things.
    Think about how the model will be put together, plan parts accordingly.
    Try, try, try for yourself. Costs plenty of time, of course.

    And if you insist on 3D computer modelling, it is easier to try some free solutions. Simpler Sketchup (with large community and even some plugin for unfolding) or more complicated Blender.
  20. drifter83

    drifter83 New Member

    .... Just stopped in to say HI... nice place you got here. :)

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