What Train Related Item's did you get for X-mas?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mike343, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Anachron

    Anachron Member

    ehumm sumpter how many realtives do u have? :wave:
  2. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    Among the non-railroad gifts, I got a $25 gift card to Home Depot, which will go towards the benchwork for my next layout.
  3. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    N Scale Life Like Chop Nose GP9, Block Lettering.
    4 Microtrains Freight Cars.
    Also I managed to locate an LGB G Scale Christmas Fortuna Flyer with Santa In the cockpit,:thumb: which my wife has been bugging me to get her for the past 2 years
    Now she has her own little Christmas Train, even if it is a little unconventional:) ;) .
    Whatever it takes to get her involved I guess!:D :cool: :) :thumb:

  4. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member


    2 Campbell kits, the freight house and the barn,
    4 undecorated Athearn heavy weight passenger cars,
    1 SSLtd narrow gauge Ford inspection car,
    1 Precision Scale narrow gauge velocipede,
    2 tinplate collectable ornaments,
    1 SSLtd work shop kit,
    1 year subscription to RMC,
    my HO/HOn30 module hauler ('90 Caravan) got a brake job pro bono from my assistant,


    1 pair of Tazmanian Devil slippers from my little girl.

    I may be poor as Bob Cratchett, but Christmas reminds me every year that I'm rich in friends and family. Merry Christmas to you all...
  5. pttom

    pttom Member

    46 N scale building kits
    3 N gp-38's
    12 n trucks, diff. types
    22 HO building kits
    8 HO trucks
    24 HO cars, diff. types
    and a lot of other acc.
    Looks like I be busy for a while. I'm still working on the HO layout. Need to get done so I can start on the N.
  6. trainworm

    trainworm Member

    all i got was a good book on the history of the Southern Pacific.

    even though it is not entirely railroad related, i got me an Epson C84 photo printer so i can finally print out some of these train pictures i take and hang em on the walls.

    and, of course, i got myself a couple of the new Athearn RTR D&RGW SD50's :):) :D :D

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