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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by brakie, Nov 5, 2003.

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    Guys,Dawn did the trick.Most of the Vaseline came off while it was soaking all I need to do is touch up with my cleaning brush and tooth picks in the corners. :D
    Guys,I charge $4.00 fee just to inspect the loco and analyze the problem..If it is fixable I will them and if its not fixable then I will tell that has well..

    Now as for a basket case train set locomotives I tell them up front it would be better to buy another unit if it needs more then a cleaning and tune up due to the cost of parts and labor.. Of course over the last 25 years I had a few customers to get irate when I told them that engine can't be fix.Most reply the train came with a life time warranty.I then suggest they send it the manufacturer for warranty repair..

    My parts and labor is guarantee for 30 days and very seldom do I get a locomotive returned during that time frame.
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    Slick 'Em Up!

    Ray and Jon, My prefference for plastic or nylon gears is LaBelle Synthetic grease with teflon. It will slick them up like a "greased pig". For metal gears I go with the LaBelle Gear Lube. Other "oilings" get various LaBelle Plastic Compatible oils. I went to them because my source (The US Army) for really top grade instrument oils went south when they closed the instrument shop at the local military base.

    Now where did I put my WD-40 and that roll of duct tape?:D :D

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