What sunsets?

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    Since 1978, VIA Rail has run the Canadian, end to end. CP's passenger train in the West is the Royal Canadian Pacific.
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    Thanks Triplex for letting us know.
  3. Ok, this is a sunset pic, and it is train related. Heh.


    My wife and I were camping (that's back end of our camper at the extreme right) at the South Albany Airport while we were attending an RC Jet rally. Behind that little hill that I'm standing in front of is a large classification and hump yard. I'm just walking back after standing on the hill watching the operations there.

    Click here to see the yard on Google Maps.

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    New York City...

    Okay, gotta contribute too :yep:

    NY at Sunset.jpg

    New York City as seen from a speeding AMTRAK car heading north to New Haven, CT. The South bound rail is barely visible in the lower left hand of the picture.

    PS: Yes, that is my reflection in the dirty window but I kept the picture anyhow :p Not sure what that pinkish dot is on the left side but I am betting it is not a light outside the car...
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    PWRR-2207: Is that the Twin Towers that can be seen just before the arch (where the suspenders are starting to go higher?

    slekjr: That's one of the best shots here, i.m.h.o.
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    MadHatter: the Canadian originally ran from Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver over the CPR route (it was built by CPR in '54), going through Winnipeg and Calgary. When it passed into VIA's hands (and the government's) the route varied a bit and when I took it, it was combined with the Super Continental to give a co-ordinated service over both the CN and CP lines with a major train shuffle in Winnipeg. Later, one government made major cuts to rail service and only the CN route survived, down to 3 days a week. (The popular feeling was that only trains serving cabinet ministers' constituencies survived.)
    The Canadian never ran east of Montreal. After the major cuts, the cars were used on trains to the east coast because they scrapped all the smoothside ex-CNR cars, leaving only the Budds from the Canadian and the LRCs.
    (Sorry to hijack the sunset thread.)
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    Charlie, that is a great shot of the curve.
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    Yes, you are right! I had to zoom in on the original to be sure. Those are the towers. Normally I am not that familiar with city silhouettes but given their tragic end, they are forever etched in my mind.

    The picture was taken with my Kodak DC120 sometime in Feb 1998 while on my way back from Virginia to Rhode Island but since the camera predates early fossilized records of digital cameras, there is no time stamp on the image and I am relying on carbon dating from the CD it was saved on. (Okay, so the file was dated 22 Feb 1998 but that is rather boring for a description :grin: )
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    Thanks David

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