What Size Running Hardware?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by BoneHead, Jul 19, 2004.

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  1. BoneHead

    BoneHead New Member

    Hello all,

    I'm coming to near completion of my Dumas Drag'N Fly 20. Now I need to get the running hardware.

    What diameter should I be using for the flex shaft? Should I use .150 or .187 (3/16) size cable?
    The original called for a 3/16 solid shaft, so I'm assuming that I should stick with that size for the flex cable.
    Also, how do I install the flex shaft though the hull? Do I use a stuffing tube with bushings/needle bearings at the ends? Or do I use a Teflon tube and run that through a stuffing tube? Or just the Teflon liner goes through the bottom of the hull? Too many ways to do this I guess. Any input from anyone who has installed a flex shaft though the bottom of the hull would be very appreciated.

    I want to keep this boat as stock as possible with regards to the strut. The original strut was to be mounted underneath the boat forward of the transom. All the strut hardware I've see from other manufactures mount the strut to the transom. There is only enough room to mount the rudder on the transom. I've check out Prather and Octura hardware and they all seem to mount on the transom. Dumas is the only manufacture I've seen that will mount the strut under the boat (it comes up through and attaches between 2 brackets).

    Turn Fin?? What size should it be? Lenght I mean. Dumas makes one, but does not show the size. Just wondering what size from other manufactures would work.

    Oh, and the engine that I will be using will be an O.S. .15 CV-MX. I know I will need a flywheel for this as well as a collet for the flex shaft. Any idea about who makes a collet for this engine?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
  2. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    Use the 3/16" (.1875). Use a brass tube with or without the Teflon liner, the Jury is split on this one. Check with Bill McGraw at www.rossisales.com for Speedmaster hardware. Mike Z. has a turn fin that should work on your boat, www.grimracer.com . He's at the IMPBA Internats right now so don't expect a reply until next week.
    The O.S. is going to be a little small for this hull but way back when this boat was designed, the .21's weren't all that fast. If you still go this route, you can get a flex cable in 1/8" that connects to a 3/16" shaft, Hughey has those. The shaft on your motor is a 5mm thread, Octura makes the collet for it. Use the O.S. flywheel, most boaters running the .12-.18 motors use it. Tower Hobbies has it in stock or most Hobby Shops should be able to get it for you.
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