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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by brakie, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. tetters

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    Kinda did that already when Brakie did the thread on Yard Operations. He was a big help and so was Russ B for getting me off on the right foot. I could post it again however I don't want to monopolize the board with my track plans. Especially since I've hounded everyone enough about it. I'm also hoping that my last revisions are indeed the last ones. I get the feeling one could spend an entire year just tweeking their designs alone. :D

    I will agree that a layout desing should be operationally sound even if freelanced. However, the layout should also be a reflection of the Rail Road Owner's (in this case you or me) style and expectations.
  2. oldtanker

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    OK smack mehamr for being stupid but I have never had the opportunity to run operations on a model train. Most of my interest in the hobby had to be put on the back burner for many years (model trains and military movers are NOT compatible). I had to settle for reading instead of doing. I will admit that I am somewhat intimidated by some of the fantastic layouts I have seen in the mags:oops: . Just don't know if my skills are up to it. I am giving it a shot. I have received fantastic advice on my bench work, now done except for future expansions:thumb: (at first I was a little hard headed looking at the space where it was going but the suggestions I got were fantastic and I have a lot more space than the way I was going). Now that I'm at the point at picking a track plan that has both scenery and track I'm starting to wonder about operations. Maybe I'm going at this the wrong way but I'm thinking, should I plan operations in that could be removed if that doesn't appeal to me in the long run or do I put in a few sidings and limited ops there by saving money now but could turn out that I was tearing out more to make ops better? Unfortunately I can find no one/clubs within a reasonable drive that has a layout so I can check before building.

    All suggestions and any help I can get on this will be greatly appreciated.

  3. tetters

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    Nah. We are all crazy, stupid and insane in our own little ways. Its the people who think that they are smart and normal are the ones you gotta look out for. :D
  4. CNWman

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    Tear my Riverside 4X8 down? NEVER!!!!If I ever expand/make a new layout, I'll simply make Riverside a part of it. I'll make all my layouts modular, so moving won't destory my hard work!:D I'll never destroy my first table layout!!!! NEVER!!!!
  5. MasonJar

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    You can always plan space for several additional industries than you build at the beginning. Just make sure that the trackwork geometry will allow you to cut out a section of track and replace it with a turnout. Be sure to leave room for the building(s) too... That way, your out a little scenicking and ballasting, but don't have to tear everything up.

    Just be sure to use water-soluable techniques so it can be undone...!

  6. Torpedo

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    Oh good! I'm safe, then. No one has ever called me normal, although I am occasionally referred to as smart, but usually only as the first part of a two part phrase. aussie
  7. brakie

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    Guys,I haven't abandon you but,been under the weather and been mulling over the suggestions and other ideas...I would rather not temper with anybodies layout but,would rather use down loadable layouts that I can really change especially smaller layouts like 4x8 footers..
  8. Gary S.

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    Instead of a 4x8, how about doing some "modules" or "layout design elements" that could be incorporated into any layout, whether it be a shelf layout or island? You (we) could discuss the reasoning behind the track arrangements and how the prototype would switch it. These could range from very simple (one or two industries) to complex (multiple industries and yard tracks). I feel certain that many of us would learn something, even from the most simple design. I know it would help me. It would also help me figure out the best locations for uncoupling magnets for my layout.

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