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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TomPM, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. TomPM

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    Ok folks I have to go out and buy a new printer. My old Cannon BJC 5000 up and quit on me yesterday. The plastic piece that connects the printer head to the belt drive broke. I looked at it yesterday and determined. One what a pain in the butt to replace and second I would have to order parts that may not be available. So after a discussion with the boss where she expressed her displeasure with the quality of the printing I have been given my marching orders: Get a new printer.

    My question is if in the future I decide to print my own decals what is a good printer? Also which one prints white? If you could break down any responses into the following categories:

    If money was no problem

    I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    Almost forgot to mention the boss wants a new printer in the next few days. Christmas is close and she has labels and cards to
  2. rockislandmike

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    The only printer I know that prints white are ALPS printers. And they no longer make 'em, so you'd have to find one used - likely on eBay.

    Other than that, I'd go inkjet if you want color and you want decals. You can find some **really** good ones for under $300US. Get the maximum dpi you can find for under that price, brand doesn't really matter (although I'd avoid Lexmarks at **ALL** costs, but that's a personal bias based on past experience at my former employer; and another personal bias (hey, you asked :D ) is that I *ONLY* buy Hewlett Packards for home use).
  3. jon-monon

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    I've been buying Epsons. Was getting Sylus Color 900/980 and even graphics liked them, then they went obsolete, so I get the C80/82's. Faster, quieter and better, but they do have 4 tanks. Some like that, some don't. Only one failed after high usage for many years. I gave up on Canons after a 4300 and 5000 died at home, neither used much, neither very old :mad: Haven't replaced the one at home yet, but plan on a C80 or a C60 which is the home version of the C80. C80's are about ~$150 at cdw.com I've seen C80's go for $60 after rebait and C60's go for $30 after rebate locally (kicking self in butt for not getting one!) I try not to be brand loyal, but I do strive for some consistancy and buy the same over and over when I find what works. I started with Epsons because graphics liked them (they should know) and they are a printer only company, at least for the most part.
  4. N Gauger

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    Hey Tom!! :)

    I've owned lexmarks, HP's, and Epsons. I have had Bad luck with lexmarks - not only in Trying to make the printer print exactly what I want, but also with refilling cartridges....

    The one I have now is an HP P1000 series. It's the BEST printer I've owned out of all 5 I've had... (1 Lexmark - 2 HP's and 2 Epsons)

    As you can see I've Never bought another Lexmark...

    I have printed full page color Pics, Water soulable decals, T-Shirt iron ons, Pictures ranging from 2 x 3 to 8 x 10.

    Business cards and Gift/Holiday cards. (my home Business) and have Never had a major problem.
  5. Freelancer

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    Printers cannot print white! The white comes from where the printer doesn't put any ink on the paper. It prints with Red, Yellow, Cyan, and Black. Unlike these guys, I have had pretty good luck with Lexmark, but the cost for cartridges is rediculous. I would suggest HP.
  6. jon-monon

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    Speaking of ink, I have had very good luck with amazon cartriges, which are about 1/2 to 1/3 the price, you can get them at cdw or tiger or whoever. Dartek has a nice list, but I haven't ordered from them. These are not refills, they are quality new aftermarket cartridges. I even have graphics using them, but the colors may not be an exact exaxt match, but what is?
  7. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    At least as interesting as earwax!

    I was actually considering a $30 disposable, yep fill in that land fill, disposable Lexmark, so I looked up Lexmark cartridges and it appears they are in bed with IBM.
  8. Chessie

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  9. davidstrains

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    The Gov't IT folks seem to buy HP's on the high end and Epson's if they are watching $$$. Most of our company IT folks use Epsons and the lower priced HP's for home computers. I have had an Epson 600 for about 4 years and it still prints picture quality photos. Since I am just getting into scratch building I am going to try decals also.
  10. justind

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    I have mixed opinion on HP's...I do tech support for Microsoft and we get customers calling in every day with messed up HP drivers and helping them get the old driver off and reinstalled can be a real nightmare and don't expect any help from HP, however they are a good printer.

    Cartridge prices to me have always been about equal, even for the Lexmark, but maybe I'm not shopping in the right places. I have own 2 Lexmarks and my parents have owned 3 (they have had their computer since Pent 90 was brand new). I think the quality is good, and they drink the same amount of ink as any other inkjet (which is to say way more than they should) but it has been the company that has sold me, they have always addressed any problems with excellent support and if it looked like the printer was the fault, they simply shipped a brand new one out and it was on my porch 3 days later.

    However, like I said before they are all the same. If you see one that looks good but happens to have the cheapest cartridges, go for that one, that is where all the money comes into play...replacing those stinking cartridges. If your computer supports USB, I would suggest getting a usb, but all new ones are. And if you get them online you can save yourself some money.

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