What personalities would your engines have?

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  1. PRRman

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    I smell a Cars Sequel! Someone notify Pixar! QUICK! sign1 Seriously, though, that would be awesome, man. Oh, and CNWman, it IS trying to kill me!:evil:
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    Well, Pixar was bought out by Disney before Cars was launched, I think, and I don't think a Cars sequel heavily involving trains is possible because of this guy:
    more specificaly, THIS guy:
    W. V. Awdry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Oh, and PRRman? I believe I've told you why RRR 1116 (the Hustler) acts like that:mrgreen:
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    Here is Gabrielle, Ghiselle, and Gilda.

    Gaby is the oldest gal and doesn't like that she has recently been moved to a small yard facility that will soon service a brewery, lumber yard, scrap yard and a flux factory? What the heck is flux anyways?!? Still, she has her pride and works without complaint or fuss. She dreams of one day getting that fresh coat of paint and a rebuild to make her feel young again. Although, secretly she knows that flux stuff can do wonders for her deisel enigine...hmmm...

    Ghiselle is not young, but she is the youngest of the trio. A brash and bossy loco who thinks her script lettering is the cats meow and puts her ahead of the rest. Afterall, they did stick her in the center for the office photo didn't they? She too has no idea why she's been assigned to this dingy little corner of the world and wants to get out of here. That might have been possible too if she hadn't been such high maintenance since leaving the factory floor.

    Which brings us to Gilda..."Who me? Decent?" Gilda is a charming and bold gal who charms all the engineers with her fancy nose badge. That none of the others, she often points out, have. Gilda thinks that the lowly work the others do is beneath her and lets them do it all. While she whiles away most of her days in the shop getting looked after and fixed up. She too dreams of getting that new identity and running away from this place...She also smart too...as she hopes all this time in the shop will finally get her sent in for that re-build which includes a nose job.
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    That's what it wants you to think.:evil:hamr
  5. stripes

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    Will he ever return?

    Made famous by the Kingston Trio when I was young,
    "Charlie" now is a display! :cry:

  6. Kevinkrey

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    Sounds like fun, let me introduce you to my wonderful locomotives. ​

    First, theres Hank, he is a BN GP40-2. Hank feels best on short runs switching local industries. Hank is a fun loving loco who always has a good joke to tell. He is one of the been there done that locos he has seen quite a few years of servive, with no end in sight. Right now he is waiting for his handrails to return from the painter.​

    Then there is Tom, a member of the PRR family, Tom is a serious locomotive who always puts work before play. He enjoys pulling long freight drags wherever they need to go. But when work is done, He likes to have fun as do all of my locos.​

    Thats all for now, ill see who else I can find tommorow.​

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  7. CCT70

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    With the care and attention the engines in my collection receive, they should have a personality like this:


    Instead, most of *my* locomotives act like this:


    Darned if I can figure it out sometimes..... wall1 :rolleyes:
  8. PRRman

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    Uh...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? I'm baffled.
  9. PRRman

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    Oh! CNWman! You've got, like 8 engines, right? why don't you post the others up here (I'm especially interested in what goes on in the potentially twisted mind of your Hustler...)
  10. Kevinkrey

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    CCT70: A locomotive like walter sure would keep the others in line!:rolleyes:
  11. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Hooooooooo boy, if you insist. I was probably gonna do that anyways, although now is probably a good time as ever.

    I'll go down the roster, like always.

    Alright, CNW 4242:
    4242 is a hard one to personify, but if anything, he's eager. Davis (4242's name) is always eager to get to work, especialy hard work. Most of the other engines don't understand why he loves hard work, and in reality, he doesn't enjoy it at all. He only wishes to work hard to ensure he doesn't get scraped or placed in a museum as a static display. Davis also doesn't like working far away from Riverside home rails, considering he spent most of his pre-Riverside service in a deadline, where he was constantly harrased by more modern desiels like the SD90, but he feels right at home in Riverside with the other outdated locomotives. One last interesting fact is that Sam (my F3) and Davis seem to share a brother-sister like relationship, even though there is a generation gap inbetween them.

    Next up, Conrail #1992

    #1992, a B23-7, usualy answers to the name "Rusty", mostly because of the condition he was in when he came to Riverside. Back in his day, Rusty was one of the re-occouring lead engines on Conrail's hottest freights, but when Conrail was split up and Rusty ended up going to CSX, he became a hollow reminder of a once proud engine, covered in rust, from which he earned is name, treated as a mocking, teasing name by more modern engines, like Davis and He is very shy and cautious because of this. His closest friends are Davis and Sam, who were the first engines in a while to NOT make fun of him. He usually handles locals and sometimes light switching, but above else, he loves heading long freights in and out of Riverside to other freight yards so he can relive his fondest memories.
  12. Kevinkrey

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    Boy CNWman, I sure do love your locos, if were lucky, some of them might be able to make it up to meet some of the locos on my DMIR roster, they too are becoming outdated but being the hard workers they are will not be scrapped in my lifetime, they are slower, but boy do they have the muscle for long ore drags.
  13. CNWman

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    CN 6750:
    CN 6750, an FA2, was an American Engine on a Canadian Railroad. Bought by the RRR for restoration, he overheard Sam saying to Rusty something about a "Dudley DoRight" or something, and 6750 took the name Dudley from that, although he's never told or will tell Sam this:p. Like a Canadian, Dudley somestimes ends his sentences with "Eh?" Personality wise, he's a typical american with a little Canadian thrown in and a touch of British upper class, although not to the point of "Snob". His favorite assignments are when he runs A-A with Sam for excursions. As for why, it is said that Dudley has a little crush on her:eek:

    C&O 1845:
    C&O 1845 is one of the few BL2's still existing, and this troubles him greatly, although talking to him does not reveal his worry. I myself, the owner and operator of the RRR, named him Simon, for his ways are not unlike the Simon from "The Lord of the Flies", although my Simon doesn't have (insert book spoiling details here, please PM me for this part if you are curious:rolleyes::twisted:). He shares a close bond with Sam, considering that they are both F3A's under the skin (or body, if yo uwant to be technical about it:rolleyes::p)

    As for my remaining three engines, I'll post them later (sorry PRRman:p)
  14. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    Ok, now for the final three:

    RRR 1116
    RRR 1116 is one of the jumpiest personalities you'll ever meet, the reason probably has something to do with his odd engine, which is thought to be a failed protoype of some sort and jumpy as heck. 1116 also seems to have memory problems, for the only thing he can remember before coming to Riverside atached to the end of one of Sam's freights on a stormy night was his name, "Harry". Harry is a rather unstable combination, for he usualy panics when he thinks he's frogoten something important. The reason for this panic is that he has required more repair time than all the other 7 engines combined, and he doen't want to considered a waste of time again. He will serve his orders out to the letter when he can remember them, though, because most of them are switching duties, which he loves, and also because of his loyalty to the RRR, for they gave him a second chance to prove himself more than a hunk of junk. He is not a Psycotic killer, he just has some engine problems.

    PRR 9912:
    9912, a GP9M named Chris, was a gift from a colector (PRRman) to Riverside. He is like Toby from TTTE, for he is wise, and he knows alot about not just railroad workings but the whole world in general. He sometimes gets a little egotistic, considering he was one of the first Geeps and he worked for the PRR, the "Standard Railroad of the World", and usualy gets in trouble because of this. When it comes to work, however, he is just a hard worker as ever, even though his original EMD 567B Prime Mover has seen almost 50 years of hard work and his entire body was rebuilt (GP9M's were rebuilt GP9s). He shares a rivaly with Davis, the rivaly being a small scale replica of the rivalry between ALCo and EMD.

    UP 618
    UP 618 is the RRR's first official steamer, a Baldwin 2-8-0 Consolidation. The second female engine in Riverside, she goes by the name "Connie", which is apropriate considering she's a Consolidation. Originaly from Utah, the home of the U.P., she ended up in a Chicago Museum, where she gained her hatred for bubblegum for reasons you probably can guess. Bought by the RRR, Sam led the train hauling her in (on a flat car, of course) in a big publicity stunt, which both engines thought pointless. She is a pure, 100% Tomboy, and loves heading trains down a seemingly endless track at high speed, something she usualy gets in trouble for. Connie also took the longest to adapt to riverside, especialy Chris, because they were all desiels, and you know the story. In the end, though, she learned that the others also were replaced by newer, more effecient engines, pushed aside by the wheels of progress, so she was able to warm up to the others. Today, you'd swear all 8 engines had been friends since before the dawn of time.
  15. PRRman

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    Hmm...how interesting...I guessed that "Harry" would be either a psychotic homicidal maniac or just a jumpy little booger with a whacked out engine. Seems that I was correct, on the latter point...the personalities of the engines on your roster seem quite realistic (did you base Chris off of me?), and I can't wiat to see the roster grow just for the sake of you writing more on this topic.:mrgreen:

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