What Online games do you play?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by robortwillys, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. sidewinder81777

    sidewinder81777 Midnight Modeler

    Warbirds, Star Trek Online, and Day of Defeat Source are what im playing these days
  2. Malave

    Malave New Member

    Left4dead and left4dead 2 for pc.
  3. Slushee

    Slushee New Member

    Im playing WoW right now but im kind of on and off
  4. aragon257

    aragon257 New Member

    I'm on and off WoW too. Ill probably start playing more after the next expansion.
  5. zsander

    zsander New Member

    Have played, on and off: DDO, WoW, EVE, Dragonrealms (old school MUD), Warhammer Online, STO, and more... waiting on SW:TOR and hoping to see a 40K MMO someday.
  6. Kiske

    Kiske New Member

    Last I played was Phantasy Star Online (DC) and Universe (PC) though that was a couple years ago. I always seem to get the games late so when I'm new everyone else is around lvl 100... I hope to change this this next round as I have the upcoming final fantasy 14 for the pc preordered and can't wait.
  7. Techcore

    Techcore New Member

    At the moment...

    World of Warcraft
    Counter-Strike 1.6
    Team Fortress 2
    Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
    Heroes of Newerth
    League of Legends

    Console (PS3)
    Modern Warfare 2
    Street Fighter 4
    Super Street Fighter 4
    Blaz Blue

    Console (360)
    Halo 3
    Gears of War 2
  8. calebsdad

    calebsdad New Member

    pogo, yahoo spades (in a league there) Used to do Evony alot but got tired of the crap lol.
  9. YFedor

    YFedor New Member

    EVE - greatest MMORPG !!!
  10. jacksparrow

    jacksparrow Member

    I used to play pirates of the Caribbean online, but I got to the point where I couldn't really do anything because I didn't have unlimited access.So POTCO ended up in the recycle bin.sign1
  11. Banto

    Banto New Member

    I play Mabinogi~

    Good game. Kind of like, um, WoW+Harvest Moon+Anime.
    F2P, la!
  12. warmachine

    warmachine New Member

    I used to play Final Fantasy 11 ages ago for a good while. I got booted off the servers though for finding a glitch :(

    My own fault really haha.
  13. MattWill

    MattWill New Member

    I just play only WarCraft online on my PC.

    Lost Planet 2 and Dead to Rights on PSN.
  14. marmeus

    marmeus New Member

    i play on my PC : dow II and empire total war

    good week end guys
  15. ashsmith

    ashsmith New Member

    Im playing Soul of the ultimate nation.
  16. penkenny

    penkenny New Member

    Cabal global and World of Kung Fu Online.
  17. Bencool141

    Bencool141 New Member

    [2]Combat Arms
  18. Wicked6

    Wicked6 New Member

    Dead to Rights is the best on-line game. Its so addictive.
  19. jinxbh

    jinxbh New Member

    T_T can only afford facebook games online...
  20. OXM_Chase

    OXM_Chase New Member

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