What makes you laugh?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by henrythomas, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. coolwinter10

    coolwinter10 Guest

    My brother’s activities are makes me a laugh.
  2. Pennywhistle

    Pennywhistle New Member

    lol ....every funny stuffs? tv shows like the big bang theory guarantees some good laugh
  3. peter.ganahl

    peter.ganahl New Member

    my girl friend and an open heart
  4. Sam Manilla

    Sam Manilla Guest

    Mr Bean’s every single action makes me a laugh.
  5. jooshman

    jooshman New Member

    I know I shouldn't have found it funny watching a guy skid his car into a metal fence this morning, but both him and his car were fine. Shame about the fence.
  6. Corwin

    Corwin Guest

    The three stoogies and funny jokes makes me laugh.. :p
  7. nikole95.7

    nikole95.7 Guest

    Definitely Adventures of Asterix comic books. Mom used to tell me all the time that I made weird laughter at night, and that startled the whole family. So I had to restrained myself from laughing too loud while reading this comic series before going to bed.
  8. fernworthy

    fernworthy New Member

    People falling down (and not getting hurt).
  9. Rider_Birth

    Rider_Birth Watcher

    Humor movies like Mr. Bean or a reality show that makes people laugh so hard. For example American Funniest Videos. sign1
  10. Pho3n1x

    Pho3n1x New Member

    My 2 year old son makes me laugh, he just does some mental things lol
  11. Funniest Home Videos. Three Stooges, slapstic, situation and intelectual humor.....oh and Achmed the dead terrorist...silence...I kill you
  12. Mythstryke

    Mythstryke New Member

    That 70's Show has been cracking me up lately.
  13. Towanga

    Towanga New Member

    Anything from Mel Brooks but mainly "Blazing Saddles" you can't beat that movie at all
  14. Finesse5000

    Finesse5000 New Member

    Zach Galiafinakis- Between two ferns
  15. Finesse5000

    Finesse5000 New Member

    They're actually make a new movie of that starring Johnny Knoxville.
  16. Finesse5000

    Finesse5000 New Member

    Breakdancing makes you laugh? I'm a pretty good bboy but I never actually thought I make people laugh cause I usually give them the wow-factor and make them go 'wow...Oh...Ooooh...omg'
  17. hobgob

    hobgob New Member

    An uncomfortable situation, allways chears me up
  18. Orthocc

    Orthocc New Member

    Whenever I need a good laugh I just google some motivational posters. They always seem to do the trick.
  19. Sanginus

    Sanginus Member

  20. Orthocc

    Orthocc New Member

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