What kinds of models would you like to see designed?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by cgutzmer, Sep 1, 2008.


What would you like to see designed

  1. Military general (please specify)

    46 vote(s)
  2. Civilian general (please specify)

    25 vote(s)
  3. Sci-Fi

    134 vote(s)
  4. Real Space

    35 vote(s)
  5. Cars

    29 vote(s)
  6. Tanks

    34 vote(s)
  7. Planes - Civil

    32 vote(s)
  8. Planes WWI

    28 vote(s)
  9. Planes WWII

    38 vote(s)
  10. Planes Post WWII

    44 vote(s)
  11. Animals

    11 vote(s)
  12. Other (please specify)

    64 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    mmm.. They all have appeal but its SF for me.. although the copyright issue shot a few of my projects in the foot straight away. However it may well work in your favour Chris.. stuff that isn't easily available else where etc..

    cjwalas ~ your suggestions are Excellent! the pulp stuff is superb. ~ Wonder ~ Fantastic ~ Dynamic SF ~ Air wonder stories, even a small diorama of Frank R Paul's city would be an interesting build... yep enough subject matter to choke a dinosaur... HOoo.. shiny!

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  2. widget

    widget Member

    Definately SF. Followed by moderm armor. Hotrods and musclecars 3rd.
    And as a crossover gripe from plastech SF modeling:There's way too much Nascar stuff out there. I think the ratio of Nascar to SF plastic kits has to be at least 80:1. Thats why I work mainly with card now.
  3. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Excellent idea, StevO. Mix and match would be cool. This would be fun with the small foreign cars as well (Honda, Subaru, Toyota, BMW). Can't wait to "Tune my Card"!
  4. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    oohhhh tuners - I like that idea (for both muscle and new models)
  5. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    I'm sorry but I have no idea of the design process so I'm clueless about the possibility of this, but I'd love to see some concept cars like the new Intercontinetal....Thanks!
  6. Mace

    Mace Member

    Sci-fi and Robots..... some simple ones would also be appreciated because my nephews (age 6&7) would like some builds as well :)
  7. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Modern armored vehicles, tanks and other.
  8. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    I'm fairly certain HMS Eskimo is to be found in the downloads section.

  9. cjd

    cjd Member

    I've refrained from voting, as my tastes are many & varied, but, in no particular order, I'd like to see : Sci-fi, Tanks, Ships, Experimental Aircraft, Cartoon subjects, Cars(especially fantasy ones e.g. Pink Panthers Car), Busts, Life Size Weapons, Buildings and, finally Stuff from Literature(e.g. Sci fi novels, Graphic novels, Terry Pratchett and so on) Thats my tu'porth, thanks for listening

  10. smyfe

    smyfe Member

    Hi Rick, I checked the downloads but couldn't find it, but I found the thread it was posted in by Barry
    unfortunately the link doesn't seem to work any more:cry:
    thanks for the info anyway:thumb:
  11. Thomas Meek

    Thomas Meek New Member

    Airships: There are a few very good models out there both commercial and free, but they only represent a fraction of the fascinating craft which were built. Could be a lot of fun if not too large.

    Architecture: I'm thinking New World here, where the variety of truly wonderful subjects has barely been scratched. How about an Art Deco bus station series? Filling stations from say, 1935-1960? Or some wacky "Googie school" subjects?

    I'd love to see a model of a canal packet such as ran the Erie Canal and the canals of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana in the mid 19th. century. There were several types: packet, freight barge, even a few steam powered boats. Someone could do a whole series.

    Great Lakes "whaleback" freighter: Truly a striking type of craft (and I do not refer to their reputation for erratic steering) seen nowhere else; possible world market for a good model.
  12. angevine

    angevine Member

    I would really like to see some scenery for Military and Sci-Fi models.

    Buildings, Walls, floors etc at various scales. Especially to display my R2D2 models :)
  13. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Bit different from what I usually build, but I voted for Animals. I would like a 3 foot detailed tiger. Or a decent set of big cats, having a body length of 1 foot. I konw there are big cat models out there, but they arn't very good.
  14. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Victorian SF, WWII bomber interiors, Mallett and other articulated RR engines (where is papertrain?), any of the World's Ugliest Aircraft collection (got a link around here somewhere, let's see now......aha! World's Ugliest Aircraft Collection ),etc., ad nauseum. I voted for SF intending for it to mean Victorian SF.
  15. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    How about this for another idea...

    The 7 Wonders of the world.

    * Colossus of Rhodes
    * Great Pyramid of Giza
    * Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    * Lighthouse of Alexandria
    * Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus
    * Statue of Zeus at Olympia
    * Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

    I think those would make for a great series of models. Many of these are open for interpretation except for the Great Pyramids to some degree.
  16. Biroka

    Biroka Member

    I would like to see some cartoon characters: Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes and other old cartoon network shows' characters.
  17. mauther

    mauther Active Member

    Muscle cars, 60`s cars, 70`s cars.
  18. mauther

    mauther Active Member

  19. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Heh ... nice.
  20. I'm suffering a bout of insomnia because of this thread - the list kept growing.

    Anyway mostly Brit subjects:

    Modern aircraft: Hawk, Javelin, Scimitar, Hunter, AV-8B, Nimrod, Gannet, Scimitar, F-4K/M, Sea Vixen, Sea Hawk, Attacker, Buccaneer <ehem>, Alpha Jet, Orion, Atlantique, KC-10, Tristar, VC-10, C-17, Victor, Valiant, Swift, M52(easy) , DH108, Sperrin, SR177, Lynx

    RN Warships Type 21,22,23 (Barry!!!), 42,45, County, Hermes, Ocean, Ark Royal, Victorious, Tiger, Fearless, Leanders (everywhere), Vanguard, Trafalgar, Warspite, V&W Escorts

    Pre-War A/C Fury, Demon, Hart, Nimrod, Siskin, Bulldog (challenging). Wellsey, Heyford...

    How about soldiers - British Grenadier 1815, 92 Rifles, French Imperial Guard - lots of colourful uniforms in that peiod

    Busts: Lincoln, Washington, Dickens, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Nelson, Charles 1, Elizabeth, Henry VIII- anyone remember 3D model heads that were on cornflake packets in the late 60's?

    Sports Stadia? Lex - how about the Birds Nest?

    UK Castles - Windsor, Canearvon, Richmond, preferably complete rather than ruined - we can do that ourselves. Beverley,York Minster, Salisbury, Canterbury Catherdrals

    A lot of the classic paper models could stand to be re-done using latest technologies.

    How about models you can paint yourselves with markings, templates using Paintshop?

    It is strange that many items of imagination such as Star Trek etc have copyright on their image and yet artefacts that have been produced at much greater expense and ingenuity do not.

    OK I probably won't get any sleep but at least I got this off my chest.

    Good night.
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