What kinda comps evry1 got???

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by bLaZe, Oct 6, 2003.

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  1. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    What kind of computer does everyone have???

    I built mine myself. Its got:

    Duel motherboard
    AMD Athlon 2400
    270 Gig Hardrive
    G-Force 4 Video card
    2 Gigs of ddr ram
    DVD 48x burner
    CD 46x burner
    Floppy drive
    Mag Invision monitor 21"
    Wireless Keyboard
    Wireless Optical Mouse
    T1 line

    Total cost: $3000 plus 200/month for the T1

    Plz post I'm curious
  2. toby

    toby New Member

    Just built one myself:

    Gigabyte 8knxp motherboard
    Intel 2.8c P4
    Maxtor 120GB SATA HD
    Tyan Radeon 9800 Pro
    1GB of Crucial TwinX XMS memory
    Samsung DVD drive
    Samsung CDRW drive
    Logitech Cordless Mouse and Keyboard
    Orion 19" monitor (already had as a spare)
    Antec Sonata Piano Black case.

    This thing is scary fast. I could have opted for a 3.2 P4, but the price difference wasn't worth the small performance booast. I can run just about everything with all the eye candy at 6x/16x AA/AF. I built this to replace a P3-600 that I built in 98. I made upgrades to that one over the years (the last being a Radeon 9600pro) and it will be going to my son. I only hope that this one will last me as long and still run as good as the old run does.
  3. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    very cool, what internet connection u got? also what is total cost plus net connection /month?
  4. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

  5. toby

    toby New Member

    I've got a cable modem. Runs about $40 a month added to the cable bill.
  6. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    cool, lol whats comp total.
  7. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    I built a :
    Dual Motherboard 5000!!!!! Mhz
    250 GIGS!
    and lots of other stuff which i cnt b botherd to mention :D
    o yeah and a 2 Megabit line....250/month
  8. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    "and lots of other stuff which i cnt b bothered to mention"???????

    ...Meaning you have to good things but the rest of your comps a piece of crap...
  9. I have a gateway
    Don't know much about it
  10. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    OMG :'( Its True..my comp i crap other than that stuff lol ... im upgrading it and making a new one for multiplayer battles between me nd my bro... n e 1 here got Soldier Of Fortune 2? if not...Y NOT?!
  11. dan6362001

    dan6362001 New Member

    i have a sony vaio its nothing special 1.5ghz processor overclocked to 1.8 320 mb of ram 5200 rpm 55gb hard drive with an external 40 gb hd it could be bigger and better but its good enough for me
  12. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    ok kinda old but still pretty nice VPR MATRIX 1800 running at 1.9 100 gig hard drive optical mouse (gotta love em) I upgraded the graphive card, 512 md ram and thats pretty much. I have my MP3 MIC WEB CAM and some other stuff hooked up also so pretty much all my ports are used lol
  13. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

    how do you set up dual motherboard?
  14. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    good question I would liek to know also but in a way it sounds kinda easy, ive worked on computer for awhile now and I dont think it wqould be all that hard but I dot know for shure
  15. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    POS 333Mhz ha beat that
  16. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    LOL mastmec I just gave up my compaq 533Mhz. And built a new one.

    Matsonic MS9377C+ Mother board
    P4 2.4Ghz 512 L2 Cache 533FSB
    512MB 333FSB DDR RAM
    ATI Radeon 9200 256MB Video Card
    30 GB HDD from MAXTOR
    430W power supply $80.00
    Audigy 2 Sound card with 5.1 Dolby
    Altec lansing 5.1 Speaker system 100W Total
    17" Flat Screen Phillips 107x4 monitor with .22mm Pixel res

    Total cost for everything and I mean everything was $958.00

    I went for middle of the road for cost at the same time I can upgrade to a 3.2GHZ 800FSB P4, Total of 3GB RAM.
  17. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    www.emachines.com the T1140

    i upgraded it with a good CD burner

    not the best comp but it is pretty good
  18. Jshaff15

    Jshaff15 Member

    Uhm mine is a HP. Im not to computer savvvy. I dont know if it is good or bad.
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