what kind of paint works best

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Tomas Bizzare, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Tomas Bizzare

    Tomas Bizzare New Member

    Hello everyone am knew here and need a little help. I would prefer to hand paint the stuff i build instead of printing it in color. Right now i paint minis and mainly use vallejo paints with the odd reaper paint thrown in.

    Now would you all recommend something different paint wise and would you choose airbrushing over a regular brush for this type of work.

    Thanx in advance for any help
  2. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    just remember what you are painting on, I use Vallejo acrylics both model color and model air as well as Tamiya acrylics and just plain old arts and craft water colors.

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