What kind of hopper is this?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by KCS, Sep 30, 2005.

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    A few years back when I was younger I used to hang around and watch a train switch gondolas loaded with rock in and out of a cement refinery and even watch the trackhoe climb up the ramp into the cars and unload them walking from one car to the next which was dumped on a conveyor that has two hopper bins and transferred a few yards away in the yard to a pile. One hopper bin was at car height next to the track where the cars were unloaded by trackhoe. The section of the track right in front of it had a pit with steel grid plating. Down under that was a hopper bin in a small concrete wall room where the same conveyor belt ran.

    I think about two times out of all the years I've hung around that place I've only seen about 4-5 set's of these car's to be brought in other wise it was nothing but gondolas. When these hoppers were brought in they had a number of people who were also put on the task to unload these car's rather than just one guy with a trackhoe. The car's hopper bays would be positioned over the hole and opened up by the gang and controlled so the conveyor didn't get to full only allowing for what the conveyor belt could handle. (which was a lot)!

    Now what I'm curious to know is what kind of hoppers these are because I would like to prototype this plant on a club module but never could figure out what kind of hoppers they are and who makes them. I'm sure the most recognizable feature is the walking platforms on both ends like a locomotive with handrails. The top of the hopper is open and has a bay's that run from side to side on the car but I'm not sure how many there were.

    Another thing is that they were a bright caboose red with white letters and markings. I brought this up because the ITT Tech commercial on TV show's the exact same cars and it brought back these memories. I believe the last cut of this type I seen I was 12 years old and that was the last time I've ever seen any like them. I'm sure someone here knows what they are. I'm just curious as to what kind they are and who makes models of them.
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    Any pictures? You can always try the Fallen Flags website for something similar.

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    Finally found a picture of one and it isn't the best. I believe the ones I saw had 4 bay's rather than 3. Not to sure but that's what I think. Still idea of what they call these type hoppers and where I can find them in HO?

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    That's an Otrner 100ton hopper.
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    The following is a quote form walthers.com:

    "One of the most distinctive cars in service today, the Ortner 100-Ton Aggregate Cars are built for rough service and heavy hauling. Like other three-bay open hoppers, you'll find them hard at work moving limestone, iron ore, gravel, sand and similar materials. But what sets the Ortner apart from the pack is their unique appearance, designed to increase carrying capacity and reduce costs. With their big, square bodies that stand nearly 12' above the rails, they have a look like no other rail car. The body measures just over 30' inside. But to help carry the enormous load and reduce the possibility of damaging the rails, the weight is spread out over a long 43' 10" frame. This leaves large porches at both ends of the car, which are equipped with handrails much like a locomotive. Brake equipment is easy to reach, and some owners have used this extra space to install controls for air-operated discharge doors which speed unloading"
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    Thank you Sir Miles. I knew they had to call it something other than a "Thing" or "IT" lol. Yea, I'd say their unique cars because you rarely see one in which case I haven't seen any in a some few years now. I watched that same ITT Tech commercial on TV again today and tried to carefully get some info off the car and the only thing I could see was red paint with FEC in big white letters that went by really fast. The FEC lettering was all I had to use to find a picture of the car. Thanks again.
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    Your quite welcome. My memory works in expasive and interesting ways...feel free to ask me a question about trains or planes!

    Say, why would a commercial about ITT tech show a train of these hoppers? was it computer generated, or was it film? was there an FEC loco pullling the train or did it just show the cars? Railroads aren't a popular subject out of us train lovers (I know it sounds hard to believe, but it's true...unfortunately :( ) anyways, so why would they show a train in the first place?
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    Ortner hoppers are still pretty common some places. In Austin, you can see long trains of these almost daily. They aren't FEC, but GRR, WCRR (I think) and Hanson.

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    They have different ITT Tech commercials. One is about military weapons design program, etc., etc., but this one was about a guy who was "burned up by roofing" so he enrolled in the school to become a Tech. for satellite linking between locomotives. They have a shot of him inside the cab on the drivers side looking forward talking about what it is. The footage is all real and even show's a good shot of a blue SD-40-2 with white lettering in cursive. Only thing I could read was Frisco because of the angled shot they got. It was shot down in Florida in a yard. A couple other shot's was right next to the train while it was moving shooting only the hoppers where you could see the coupler's, wheel's, undercarriage and all that good stuff, but the next shot after was angled up more and that's how I was able to read the FEC lettering on the side of the car. Like me, ask ALMOST anything about train's and ANYTHING about semi's. :)

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