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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by yaniv, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. yaniv

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    i just chck on my memory card on the camera and found this pic

    i made it 3,4 month ago

    so i ask my self
    way we not put ours colection here its realy intristing :)

    this is all my booklet collection
    u can add to this :



    u can add to this collection the HALINSKI bf109 e4 that i not found is cover and instartion

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  2. MOS95B

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    The oly commercial products I have so far is the Fiddlers Green Bomber CD. I'd take a shot similar to yours, but as I ordered the electronic version, well.... We all know what a hard drive looks like....
  3. B-Manic

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    These are the print models I presently have. I have started the PT-109. I also have a bunch of electronic commercial and freebies on my build list.

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  4. cardmodeler

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    Hello Yaniv,

    Where did you get the GPM Avenger kit? I have been looking for an Avenger, but can't find one. I guess I'm just not looking in the right place. Anybody else know where I might find one? Thanks for any help.
  5. shoki2000

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  6. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    well i got my avanger in 2 ways
    1.thar is old mamber here by the name jhon (i think)
    he whas one of my best friend here but i not see him here for more than 2 years after some problem on is privet life
    i know he gave 2 kids and also that he work on a recolor of the FG b17
    he send me the first copy as a gift (i wish to tal kto this guy 1 more time he is realy a good friend and i miss him)

    2.i got its from mismouse from this forum we have made a trade i gave here a original copy of the new HALINSKI YAMOTO and she send me this and the m18 copy

    tray to look for your copy of the AVANGER on the GPM or PMI web site i know that jhon got it from PMI
    one of the copy is all ready start and i miss the parts
    but id its realy importent to u i will send u the ather full copy just to make u hepy :)
    (please tray to found 1 befor hahaha)
  7. cardmodeler

    cardmodeler Member

    Thanks, Michael for the link, I have not been to this site before. And thanks for the offer Yaniv, it's very kind of you! They offer this kit at the Model-Hobby.pl website. I wonder...has anyone built this kit or any other Avenger kit? I would enjoy seeing any pics of the final product(s). Thanks for the help, ya'll.
  8. shoki2000

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  9. yaniv

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    Sorry Michael
  10. cardmodeler

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    Michael, thanks for the link. Looks real interesting and helpful.

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