What is this train hauling?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. kf4jqd

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  2. GeorgeHO

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    What great photo shots. The articulation is wonderful, but I'm sure that a number of modelers today would say that the "s" curves and too much overhang are not prototypical.
  3. screen

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    It's a compressor tank - used in storage and production of gasses for various industries - several like that at the old Northwestern Steel now Sterling Steel -
  4. zedob

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    My guess is it's a distilling tower for a refinery, but in all honesty, the load is rather boring. Now, that heavy duty flat it's on, now that's something amazing.

    It's not from the era I model, but it would be a neat car to build. Nice conversation piece for a layout.
  5. eightyeightfan1

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    Something long and tubular....
    The owner of the LHS I frequent actually scratchbuilt an HO Schnabel car that looked just like that one.
  6. cidchase

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    In them pix it looks colder than a welldigger's butt. :D :D

    That's a heck of a load, too! :thumb: Nice photos, Andy
  7. ausien

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    my guess would be afuel tank for the shuttle, but that a long shot.:D :D ....great pix,:thumb: and good railfanning, got any more??;) ;) ...have a good one..steve:wave: :wave:
  8. doctorwayne

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    Well, if it's going to Alberta, must be something to do with the oil industry. How about a cracking tower for a refinery?

  9. MCL_RDG

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    ...one of those big, long, tubular, round things. :p

  10. Dave Flinn

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    Obviously, the load is a big, long, tubular "thing." As others have noted, it's not the load but the car that is pretty spectacular. Great pix. I take it this must have been some sort of press release, or something.
  11. screen

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    Shuttle tanks are made in New Orlians(sp) so they can be bargged to Florida - Look at the name on the tank and google it - the same name is on tanks here in Sterling and are used for making and storing compressed gas for a steel mill - like a huge air compresor -
  12. santafewillie

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  13. screen

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    Real neat Willie - Thanks for clearing that up - what a project -what a car to model!
  14. green_elite_cab

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    it looks to me liek an Oil Refinery Cracking tower. this is where they boild and sperate oil into its different kinds ( kerosen, diesle fuel, that stuff)
  15. Oroka

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    An oil refinery cracking tower was my first guess, it looked familure from a documentary I had seen about super heavy weight cranes, in this case, a massive containerized crane that was shipped in on something like 25 rail cars, and it was used to life a simular tower at a refinery in Nova Scotia, or NewBrunsiwck...
  16. Zman

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    I think it's a warp nacelle.

    By the way, that's some excellent weathering on those cars, and very realistic looking people.

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