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    ...of the cat logo used by the Chessie System? Is it really a picture of a cat, or is it a map of part of Chesapeake Bay, or what?

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    As best I can remember it was used to promote passenger service. "You will sleep like a kitten" or something like that, and it had a picture of a kitten curled up on a pillow sound asleep. The point being riding on one of their trains was so smooth and comfortable you would sleep like a kitten. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.:p
  3. Yes, the Chessie symbol was 'Chessie' the kitten from the C&O. At one time 'Chessie, the railroad kitten' was the most recognized railroad symbol in the U.S. Then came 'Peake' her old man. They went off to war together during WWII. With the decline of railroad passenger service, Chessie went into semi-retirement as a corporate symbol, to be retired completely with CSX.

    Chessie was origianlly drawn by a french artist and was purchased for use by the C&O.

    Roger Hensley
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    Thanks for the info! Another great mystery of life has been solved... :)


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