What is the locomotive called?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by mojo, Sep 10, 2006.

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    This is an early n scale model diesel locomotive engine. What is it called?


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    It's a model of an EMD BL-2. There were only a few built, they were the fore-runners of the GP series, and the first step away from the F and E car bodies.

    Folks more knowledgeable than I can supply more info.
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    BL-2 Thanks, thats it. You're too good.
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    Only Life-Like made 'em in N scale. The original production run from the early '90s isn't too bad but don't expect them to run like anything currently on the market from Kato or Atlas. They re-released them maybe two or three years ago with an upgraded drive and I'd assume them to be as good as their other recent releases but again I'll defer to someone more knowledgeable.
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    I have units from both runs.The early one isn't a bad runner concidering that basically it is a trainset locomotive.

    The new run is split-frame with flywheels and body mount couplers.Theyu are fantastic runners.
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    BAR was the last major railroad to use these, running them at least into the early 80s.
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    It's been a while since I was at Cass Scenic Railway, but I seem to recall that they had a Western Maryland BL2 that ran ocasionally.
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    Quoting from Larry Goss' site url:


    to be precise.

    The BAR purchased eight EMD BL2 (branchline) locomotives in 1949 numbers 550-557. In 1952 they were renumbered to 50-57. In 1979 two of the units 57 and 54, then in the solid blue scheme, were involved in a grade crossing accident and had to be rebuilt. Number 57 emerged from the shops in 1980 with it's as delivered paint scheme and number. It was given the name "American Railfan" and for a year or so served on excursion trains and revenue freight service before being retired. Number 557 is shown here in storage at Northern Maine Junction before it was moved to the Cole Transportation Museum in Bangor where it rests today.

    Number 54 ,the other accident victim, emerged from the shops in the then current tri-color scheme and served for a couple of years before being sold or donated for excursion service in Pennsylvania. Number 54 was the only BL2 to receive the tri-color paint and the last active BL2 on the BAR.
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    I say Hello to 557 once a month as she stands her vigil at Cole's!
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