What is the best way to clean an engine

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Starguard, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    I have an old Koyosho Off Road truck that's been sitting up for a while (over a year) and I want to give it a good cleaning before I try and run it again. What methods would be best for cleaning and tuning the entire engine inside and out?
  2. Nitram68

    Nitram68 Member

    I take it you have a nitro engine and not an electric,thats the way I read it anyway. I think I can get you started in a direction. O.K. "Nitro blast" clean the entire outside of the engine. Don't forget to take a toothpick or something similar to get around the glow plug and in between the cooling fins for all the gunk that can pile up there. The reason for this is to keep any outside gunk from getting inside. I can only give you a little more info like cleaning the air filter and remove the carb to check for corrosion not forgetting to look in the block where the carb was. I've never had to go any further with any of my stuff,it doesn't sit that long. Maybe Mastmec or Rockn82 or Dudex or some of the other veteran posters could help alot more than me. I hope at least gave you some help.:)
  3. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    Sorry. I should have been more specific with my first post[:p]

    The engine is Nitro powered and has been sitting up for a VERY long time. The nitro that had sprayed over it during its last run has turned sticky "like glue". This baby is gonna have to be completely taken apart and each part will have to be cleaned individually. The glow plug I already know is history and will be replaced as well as the 1 1/2 volt battery to start it. How well is "Nitro Blast" and if I can't find it, will anything else work?
  4. bigpiper1

    bigpiper1 Member

    Your local hobby store will have nitro blast it coes in a co2 powered spray can like spray paint does. There is also some sort of solution that you can soak your parts in, to take off the nitro fuel on the head, chasis, carb or what ever nitro is caked on to. In the future I would also sugest that you spray down with nitro blast right after you use it so nothing gets caked on again. Hope this will help. Josh
  5. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    You can use denatured alchol in place of Nitro blast.
    Tear down the engine completely, you can use oven cleaner (make sure it's safe for aluminum) spray it on and let it soak a little then scrub it off. If the head is colored don't use the oven cleaner on it.
    If its been setting a while and the bearings are rusted up or crank, make sure you price them first, sometimes it's cheaper just to buy a new engine.
  6. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    Cleaning the Engine often will ensure a longer life. If you allow dirt to build up you are actually making a heat barrier that will hold heat in instead of dissipate it. Thus your engine temps start to climb. There are many types of nitro cleaner out there and I have found that Trinity's "Nitro Blast" outperforms the others. But if you do have burned on fuel, oil, and junk then I would go with mastmec's denatured alcohol and a toothbrush. When reassembling the engine make sure to use after-run oil in every step. Like putting the connecting rod on the crank for instance. The engine will be dry and starting an unlubricated engine will shorten engine life. Also after the assembly is done then you will want to break in the engine again. (I know, what a pain). You wont have to go through all the steps but AT LEAST a tank or two.
  7. take it completly apart, put it some type of cleaner that doesn't have water or hydro chloric acid and let it sit for an hour
    then take a lint free paper towel and wipe it down
    take a air sprayer can and spray it down.
    put it back together.
    Run 1/4 tank gas through it at 1/4 speed a little lean
    and that is that
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